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  • Ben Cooper

Biden Excludes SCOTUS Candidates on Race, Gender

Joe Biden will only consider black females for the SCOTUS seat vacated by Stephen Breyer. He will exclude everybody else outright. 76% of Americans oppose this.

During his 2020 presidential campaign Joe Biden promised to nominate a black female for the first Supreme Court seat that opens up. With the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer Biden now has the chance to fulfill his promise. In a brief pubic appearance - see video below - Biden confirmed that he will do just that.

This means that Biden excludes a huge number - around 94% - of qualified candidates purely based on race and gender. The move has been widely criticized in conservative media outlets. However, conservative politicians do not appear to be taking any actions to block Biden's move, even though it seems to run afoul of the equal protection clause of the US Constitution. According to a recent opinion poll, 76% of Americans want Biden to consider candidates of all ethnic and gender backgrounds.

Biden's move is not the only such apparent violation. The Supreme Court appears set to rule on the legality of affirmative action in college admission soon. According to data collected by plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Harvard University, some colleges distort the admissions criteria so much that, as an example, a top MCAT scoring Asian or a White male applicant to some medical schools has a lower chance of admission than a Black male scoring in the bottom bracket of the MCAT. In some colleges the highest chance an Asian or a White male has for admission is around 30%. The highest scoring Black males' chances of admission on the other hand can go up to 95%.

Affirmative action is also gender based. 60% of all college students today are female. This means that for every 3 women in college, there are only 2 men. Yet, there is still a massive push by admissions officers to increase the proportion of women in colleges even more.



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