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  • Ben Cooper

Black Mothers Vow To Fight School Choice Opponents

Just after governor Doug Ducey had signed HB2853, expanding school vouchers, Janelle Woods shared with us her thoughts about school choice opponents.

Janelle Woods is the founder of the Phoenix Black Mothers Forum. As an advocate for criminal justice reform she frequently mentions systemic racism and other far left talking points that serve to give the illusion that despite explicit affirmative action, blacks are disadvantaged, when they are in fact the most preferred class of people.

However, despite her far left political leanings Woods is a proponent of school choice and school vouchers. Below you can find the gist of her answers to our questions:

What is your statement to those who oppose the school choice bill the Governor just signed and try to kill it with the veto referendum?

My main concern is a safe learning environment for our children. Anyone who comes against our children having choice and have a safe learning environment will have to answer to many parents who will no longer be silent and just allow things to happen in the education system. My challenge to the parents is you need to stand up for your children and when we do that then our children are going to be who they were created to be.

What if school choice opponents get the signatures they need to put the veto referendum on the ballot?

If they get it on the ballot, we will continue to educate parents about the power of their choice to make sure their child has what they need. It's not about public, it's not about private, it's about what's best for our children. All schools do not serve our children all the same.

Can the teachers union backed veto referendum be defeated on the ballot?

Yes, because it's different now than before. Especially after Covid, when parents saw what is going on in schools, parents were not respected, parents were not heard, and our children were further behind pre-Covid than they are now (Editor: presumably she means this is because the children are now in a school of their choice). We, the parents, didn't realize what was going on before Covid. We are now more aware and we are going to continue educating more parents.

Video of the interview on Youtube and Bitchute



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