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  • Mindy Walton

Chandler City Council Raises Utility Rates, Later Dances

Chandler politicians apparently have time and nerve to create a dance video, for "international dance day", shortly after having raised utility rates on residents and businesses.

You can have a sense of humor and be serious person at the same time. The point is to find proportion, balance and appropriateness. Despite Chandler still being a comparatively nice and pleasant place to live, like virtually all Americans, Chandler residents right now are being hit by:

  • Rising gas prices, now over $5 per gallon of regular

  • Rising grocery prices

  • A baby formula shortage

  • Massively increasing rental and housing prices

  • A crashing stock market

  • Rising interest rates

  • Lower quality public schools with a radical local teachers union

  • Rising, although still low, crime

  • Homeless people on the streets

Utility Rates Rise

On 28 April 2022, the Chandler City Council voted to increase utility rates on businesses HOAs and residents, starting July 1st. Water for residents will get 1.27% more expensive, though HOAs will pay almost 6% more and of course pass this on to local residents via increase HOA fees. Water for businesses will increase in price by more than 4% while waste water will cost almost 7% more. Just like with all taxes, businesses will of course pass these costs on to consumers, meaning residents. Other cities in the valley have higher utility prices than Chandler.

Dance Video

On April 30 2022 some of our local politicians, mayor Kevin Hartke, Council member Christine Ellis and Council member OD Harris found time to film a video for international dance day. With all the problems facing the city and its residents, is this a good use of time for our local politicians?

Most of these issues facing Chandler residents and most other Americans are not of course the fault of Chandler's mayor and city council but are the result of the disastrous policies of the Biden/Harris administration. Nevertheless, cities can and should work to counter some of them:

  • Help fight inflation by keeping local taxes low, or even better, reduce taxes

  • Help fight regulations by invalidating federal regulations if possible. For example, unlike Gilbert, which deferred to Maricopa county mask mandates, Chandler wisely imposed its own mandate, which was milder, and not actively enforced. This can serve as a blue print on how to counter harmful policies from other branches of government.

  • Ban Critical Race Theory in all its names from schools

  • Fight inflation by banning local hotels from hosting illegal immigrants paid for by the fed gov

  • Support local police to help counter the rise in crime

  • Make land available for residential construction

  • See if baby formula can be gotten from somewhere, Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc.

  • Crack down on begging, homeless people on the streets, drug dealing etc.

  • Optimize traffic control, to save on gas wasting stop and go due to uncoordinated traffic lights

All of which would be more beneficial than shaking your booty on camera.



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