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  • Ben Cooper

CUSD80 Mask Theater Continues Unabated

Chandler public schools are not letting go of the mask cult. Traffic conductors who are physically distanced and outdoors still don their masks, as are many staff and teachers.

When will a government agency ever voluntarily give up power? Never! You have to take it from them. School districts, which are government agencies, around the country, including CUSD80 in Chandler, are still seeing huge numbers of staff and even - indoctrinated/fearmongered - students in masks. In Chandler and Arizona in general this is especially egregious due to the heat making breathing in masks extra difficult and the intense sunlight killing microbial and viral particles in the air much faster than say up in snowy New Hampshire.

Unfortunately CUSD80 parents and taxpayers have not managed to recruit a single candidate for school board who could be counted on to forcefully fight the masking non-sense. At best there appear to be two, Charlotte Golla and Kurt Rohrs, who probably would at least not push to make the situation worse. At the same time several radical leftists are in the running who would most likely want to permanently glue masks to the faces of children if they could, and don't count on it that they would never find a way to do so. Indeed, one or two cases of school staff taping masks to children's faces have been reported in the United States, including one involving a disabled student.



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