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  • Ben Cooper

Katie Hobbs Makes Kamala Harris Sound Articulate

Hobbs was asked in a forum what she has learned from Arizona's Latino community. Her response made her sound like a malfunctioning robot. Video in the article.

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Democrat Katie Hobbs is the current Arizona Secretary of State. In the 2022 elections, she is running against Republican Kari Lake for the governorship of the state of Arizona.

Hobbs has so far refused to debate Kari Lake. This "basement" strategy of avoiding public appearances and questions is being followed by a number of Democrats after Biden won the 2020 Presidential election. Biden won on the back of nearly one sided media coverage in his favor, including the suppression of negative coverage, e.g. the Hunter Biden / Joe Biden corruption scandals. Biden also had shenanigans by the deep state help him, e.g. the persecution of Donald Trump by the FBI's Russia hoax. Finally, the Covid panic helped Biden-Harris politically.

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When Hobbs is out talking to people she often sounds like a malfunctioning robot, see video below. Given her rhetorical weakness, not debating Lake may be the less bad option. This is because if she debated Lake, she would likely loose overwhelmingly and would lose more support than by refusing to debate.

At one point in the video Hobbs pauses before saying the word "Latino". We surmise that Hobbs was briefly contemplating whether to say "Latino" or "Latinx". Latinx is the woke term for Latinos.

Hobbs' point may have been to say that she doesn't really want to pander to people on an identity politics basis, which, if true, would be good on her. However, her rhetorical stumbles and the ideological identity politics straightjacket that Democrats impose on their candidates made Hobbs' response sound like garbled non-sense.

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