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  • Ben Cooper

Lake comes from behind to win Governor primary, Masters wins

In an exciting race Masters and Lake made up early deficits among mail in votes with big wins among voting day in person votes that were counted last.

Masters and Lake will go on to the general election in November. Masters will face incumbent Mark Kelly. Lake will face off with current Secretary of State, Democrat Katy Hobbs.

At one point early in the evening Kari Lake trailed Karrin Taylor Robson by 40% to 49%. She currently appears to be winning her race by more than 1%, with about 75% of votes counted. It is expected that her lead will grow somewhat until all votes are counted.

Blake Masters ended up winning with a more comfortable margin, beating second placed Matt Lamon with around 37% to 30%. Current Attorney General Mark Brnovich garnered approximately 20% of the primary vote.



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