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  • Ben Cooper

Palest CUSD80 Candidate Calls Herself Woman of Color

In the Chamber debate, Kurt Rohrs was mostly sensible. Golla waffled. Patti Serrano wants to be Lindsay Love on steroids. Bruner appeals to the far left. Estes is a leftist box wine Karen.

The elections for the governing board of the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, are coming up along with the mid-terms, on November 8. The two Republicans Kurt Rohrs and Charlotte Golla, who are center to center right moderates, face leftists of varying radicalism from the ethno-communist Patti Serrano - Lindsay Love 2.0 - over the teachers union puppet Lara Bruner to the center-left Marilou Estes.

We previously pointed out that both Republicans in this race are running too far to the left of where they should be, citing as evidence, among others, the success of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, a far more blue state than Arizona. Youngkin ran on a platform that rejects Critical Race Theory and transgender lunacy.

Kurt Rohrs, over time, has moved right a bit. In the debate Rohrs explicitly called out Critical Race Theory, CRT and also criticized Social Emotional Learning, SEL as being full of political indoctrination. He said that kids shouldn't be treated differently based on race and shouldn't be grouped based on race either. He appeared to make fun of the lies of the radical left that CRT is only taught in law school, when we all know that it is deeply embedded in our public neighborhood schools. Rohrs has not been endorsed by either the Democrat run Chandler Chamber, the far left teachers union or the anti-school choice teachers union aligned Save our Schools, SoS. He's the only candidate in the race who hasn't received an endorsement from any Democrat aligned organizations.

Charlotte Golla mostly waffled. She appears to have moved slightly to the right. Instead of getting rid of the aggregative expenditure limit, AEL - a taxpayer protection mechanism - as she opined before, she now says it should stay but should be fixed. Regarding CRT and SEL, Golla was better than the lunatics on the left, but did not take as strong a position as Rohrs. Golla has been endorsed by the Democrat-run Chandler Chamber, which also endorsed the horrible Kathy Hoffman to remain Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Patti Serrano, who was the palest candidate on stage, called herself a woman of color, and fully committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion indoctrination of our children at the hands of the Chandler public school district. With this position, plus her lockstep alignment with teachers union interests, Serrano has positioned herself to become Lindsay Love 2.0. She must not be allowed to be on the school board. Serrano is endorsed by the Chandler Education Association - the local teachers union, the anti-school choice teachers union aligned Save our Schools, SoS, and Arizona List, a late term abortion advocacy group.

Lara Bruner similarly committed to DEI indoctrination of children. Bruner is a teachers union puppet. Bruner must go as she couldn't even bring herself to stop funding the Arizona School Boards Association, ASBA from taxpayer funds after the National School Boards Association, NSBA, of which the ASBA is a paying member, had penned a letter calling on the Biden DoJ to persecute parents who speak up in school board meetings as terrorists. Bruner is a teacher in the Tempe Union district. Bruner is endorsed by the local teachers union, CEA, and the Democrat-run Chandler Chamber.

We hope that Marilou Estes serves to split the vote of the left, lowering their numbers, rather than drawing votes from the right by splitting the numbers there. We voiced this concern before because the two Republicans are/were running on such moderate platforms that at times it's hard to distinguish them from someone like Estes. Estes is a former teacher in CUSD80. She also fully committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI, but it was apparent from her answer to the debate question that she is the type of person who refers to non-white people as "the help". We had previously reported that on her facebook page - since scrubbed - she reposted a post that disparaged Asian beauty salon workers. She represents Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren type of leftism. Estes has been endorsed by anti-school choice Save our Schools Arizona, SoS.

The audience in the room appeared to largely agree with our assessment as only Rohrs and Golla received applause while Serrano, Bruner and Estes were met with silence after their closing statements.



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