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  • Ben Cooper

Racist Phoenix Police, or Criminal Youth?

A stolen car investigation led to multiple arrests. A police officer was apparently assaulted. The bodycam video of Phoenix police appears to clarify the situation.

On Monday, 31 January 2022, officers of the Phoenix Police Department investigated a report that multiple people were seen in a stolen car at an apartment complex. The body cam video shows that as arrests were made, a minor female appeared to get in in the way of a police officer leading a subject to a police cruiser parked nearby. Later on in the video it appears that the minor female, Taylor Thomas, 13, swings at an officer.

Taylor Thomas and her aunt, Charline Thomas, reportedly allege that the Phoenix Police Department wrongfully accused Taylor Thomas of assaulting a police officer. Charline Thomas can be heard in the video screaming at the officers that her niece is a minor.

If you have pertinent information on the incident, you can call Phoenix Police at 1-800-343-TIPS.

The bodycam video linked here and below is age restricted, and hence only available directly on youtube. Warning: There is some graphic content and explicit language in the video.



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