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  • Mindy Walton

Arizona Senators Vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson

Biden explicitly stated that KBJ was nominated because of her race, gender. In a functioning society she would have withdrawn in protest and if not, then no one would have voted for her.

Excluding someone from consideration for a competitive position because of immutable characteristics is evil. The nomination and confirmation of KBJ shows that we are moving in the wrong direction. In addition to the obvious problems with racism and sexism, KBJ is also a far left radical and a judicial activist. In confirmation hearings she indicated that she does not believe in natural rights, meaning things like the right to private property, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She was unable to define the term "woman". She is a supporter of the racist and historically revisionist 1619 project. In her acceptance speech she ignored the fact that Clarence Thomas is already on the Supreme Court and that Democrats have previously shot down a Republican nomination of a black woman to SCOTUS, proclaiming that "we have finally made it, all of us". Her nomination and confirmation shows the stunning success of the Black Lives Matter movement. Using guilting and shaming as a tactic to exert political power, the movement has succeeded in seating a large number of its supporters in very high political offices.

Arizona Senators vote to confirm

Both Arizona Senators, Krysten Sinema the senior Senator and Mark Kelly the junior Senator voted to confirm. Both are Democrats and hence voted party line. Pathetically, Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney, both from deep red states, voted to confirm as well. Murkoswki had not voted for Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a centrist. Mitt Romney had voted to convict Trump in the impeachment trial. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Racism and sexism are deeply ingrained in our society, but not how leftist media say it is

However, this problem with racist and sexist affirmative action is deeply ingrained in our society and goes far beyond the nomination of KBJ based on race and gender. Affirmative action for blacks and against whites and Asians is habitually practiced in college and graduate school admissions and is creeping into K-12 as well. Children are now taught elements of critical race theory, CRT, in many subjects in school. CRT argues that all problems of the black community are because of racism by others. We see it more and more in the cooperate sector as well where company after company commits to hire black employees over all others. In a twist, many of the most woke companies are also almost exclusively white, and Asian. Apple and Google engineering department for example have almost no black employees. Racism? Yes says BLM. But in reality, no. There are simply very few black engineers.

Though perhaps politically incorrect, it can be argued that gendered sports categories are of a similar evil. For historic context, the original Olympics in ancient Greece were an exclusively male affairs. The issue of women's sports has come to the forefront recently as transgender male to female athletes have made inroads into women's sports. Governor Doug Ducey recently signed a bill to ban transgender athletes from competing in women sports, though he has not banned female to male transgender athletes from competing in men's sports. In another example from sports and education, the Utah Jazz basketball team explicitly excludes white students from its scholarship program. Utah Governor Spencer Cox, a Republican, defended this, saying this is not racism, because, because, ... Martin Luther King.



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