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  • Ben Cooper

AZ Gov Candidate Katie Hobbs D Calls for Higher Edu Funding

Hobbs tweeted that it is time for the Arizona Senate to suspend the aggregative expenditure limit, AEL.

The aggregative expenditure limit, AEL, is a budget control mechanism that can be used to force budget cuts and limit government spending. The educational establishment is currently lobbying to get lawmakers to override the spending limit in order to avoid such budget cuts. Budget cuts would lead to tax relief for Arizonian taxpayers, including working families. The Valley Telegraph has recently published a number of articles drawing attention to wasteful spending, in particular in the comparatively well run Chandler Unified School District.

Hobbs is running for Arizona governor. Hobbs was previously a social worker. She was elected to the Arizona Senate in 2012. In 2019 she won the election for Arizona Secretary of State. In this position she is first in line for succession to the governorship. She was in the crosshairs during the contested 2020 election in which Joe Biden very narrowly defeated Donald Trump in Arizona, and nationwide. There were widespread claims of election fraud. Although the Arizona Republican Senate majority provided $150,000 to audit the 2020 election, Hobbs resisted this, calling the audit procedures "better suited to chasing conspiracy theories than as part of a professional audit".



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