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  • Ben Cooper

Ballot Envelopes NOT Breaking SB1002 Election Law

SB1002 states that ballot return envelopes must not show a voter's party affiliation and ballot choices. The transparent window showing party affiliation is in the envelope sent to voters.

All sane people want secure elections. But we should strive to be accurate in our claims. The yellow envelopes containing mail in ballots which are currently being sent out to Arizona voters for some reason have a window at the back of the envelope. Depending on how the letter inside is placed, in some cases this window shows the party affiliation of the recipient. The envelope itself is so thin that even without the window much of the information printed on the ballot can be seen from the outside.

However, Senate Bill 1002, refers to ballot return envelopes when it states that:

Ensure that the ballot return envelopes are of a type that does not reveal the voter's selections OR POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION and that is tamper evident when properly sealed.

The ballot return envelope is a green envelope sent to voters inside the yellow envelope with the transparent window. The green envelope does NOT have a window and as far as we could ascertain is not transparent and hence does not show voter party affiliation and ballot selections.

While no law appears to have been broken, it is nevertheless odd that the yellow envelopes used to send out ballots to voters has a transparent window that shows party affiliation. The window appears to serve no purpose other than doing that. Election officials should do better and send out all mail in non-transparent envelopes. We really don't need any further problems with election integrity.

The last thing Republican voters should do is to stay home "in protest", thereby handing victories to their political opposition. This happened in the 2020 Georgia Senate run-off races, both of which Republicans lost narrowly thanks to low turnout. Go vote!



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