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  • Ben Cooper

Biden Approval Reaches New Low

In the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Joe Biden's approval to disapproval ranking is at record low today, at minus 14.9 percent.

In the poll average, 40.0 percent of respondents approve of the job Joe Biden is doing, while 54.9 percent disapprove for a new low of minus 14.9 percent. The average of polls is useful as it helps to increase the sample size of respondents and hence smooth out variations among polls. The Reuters/Ipsos poll for example has Biden at 36 approve to 59 disapprove, for a total of minus 23 percent. The Economist/YouGov poll on the other hand has Biden at 43 percent approve and 51 percent disapprove, for a total of minus 8 percent. Biden is in negative territory in all the polls aggregated by Real Clear Politics.



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