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  • Ben Cooper

Biden Doing His Best to Cause WW3

With his weakness, corruption, stupidity, arrogance and downright evil, Biden and his cabal of fascists are causing the world to burn.

Russia last invaded neighboring Ukraine in 2014. The Obama administration back then stood by and did nothing. Also under Obama we saw brutal conflicts in Syria and Libya. Prior to that, the W Bush administration had engaged in a massive war in the Middle East, while building out a huge domestic surveillance apparatus that still has not been dismantled. In the 4 years of Donald Trump in office, world affairs were noticeably quieter. Bad guys understood that their actions would be met with consequences and hence kept mostly quiet. The economy did well too. Then, in the last year of his first term, Trump allowed himself to be duped into an overreaction to the Covid pandemic by the likes of the charlatan Anthony Fauci, a partisan Democrat. In an example of negligent personnel policy, Trump's biggest failing, Trump had kept Fauci in his position as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and even made him medical advisor to his administration. Governors in blue, and sometimes red, states took their cue and imposed crushing restrictions on businesses and people, including the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society, children. Trump then worked hard to reduce government red tape, allowing for the development of multiple vaccines in less than a year. He also tried to get the economy to open back up quickly.

After Biden took office in early 2021, things changed to worse, much worse. Biden handed Afghanistan to the Taliban. He not only stranded thousands of Americans and Billions of US equipment in Afghanistan, but also brought tens of thousands of largely unvetted Afghans into the country. A recent report by his own administration confirms that at least a few dozen of those pose a real domestic security threat to America.

Now, after just over a year of Biden in office, Vladimir Putin has given orders to the Russian military to invade Ukraine again. This time the invasion appears larger than in 2014, in which Russia annexed Crimea. In the morning hours of 24 Feb 2022 almost all bigger Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, have been hit with Russian ordinance. These strikes appear targeted at degrading Ukrainian defensive capabilities, such as air defense. It is likely that the Russians are taking these steps because they aim to occupy the entire country and control it via the installation of a Russian puppet regime in Kiev. Russian ground forces are advancing in the Eastern separatist regions which Putin has recognized as separate countries. Joe Biden recently asked who gave Putin the right to do so. For an answer, Biden should look in the mirror. Peace through strength, war through weakness.

We have reports from Ukrainian nationals inside Ukraine claiming that Ukrainian forces downed 6 Russian airplanes and 1 Russian helicopter. They also claim that dozens of Russian soldiers have been killed and at least two taken prisoner. The civilian communication infrastructure, e.g. mobile internet, appears to be still working fully at the time this article was written.

Vladimir Putin has threatened anyone who interferes in this conflict with consequences "never seen before", presumably referring to Russia's vast arsenal of long range nuclear weapons. If such weapons were indeed used, it is possible that World War 3 would be triggered.

Further South and to the East, China's dictator Xi Jinping is presumably watching as he eyes taking Taiwan by force. Taiwan is much better armed than the Ukraine, and, as an island, cannot be taken by a ground assault. Nevertheless, China is a nuclear power and the potential for a nuclear conflict is there as well, especially if a weak and incompetent Biden blunders again and essentially green lights an invasion if the Chinese promise not to be too rough.

With his weakness, corruption, stupidity, arrogance and downright evil, Biden and his cabal of fascists are causing the world to burn by letting bad guys do bad things. At home they have caused runway inflation not seen in 40 years. They have deliberately degraded domestic oil production, including blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. This led to higher oil prices that empower the likes of oil producing Russia by giving them additional revenue, paid for by consumers in the US and Europe. Biden had ended sanctions against the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Europe. Those sanctions had been imposed by Donald Trump. In a typical sign of Republican weakness, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has stopped blocking Biden appointees to the State Department because Biden has just re-imposed sanctions on Russia, including the Nordstream 2 pipeline. It is weak because Biden didn't reimpose the sanctions in response to Cruz's actions, but because he was forced to do so over Russian aggression.

Biden is using race and gender as primary factors in hiring decisions for his administration. His awful VP Harris is a testament to that. Where race and gender are not used, the primary factor is political allegiance. Foreign secretary Blinken, an utter incompetent, is case in point.

Biden has set the FBI on parents who oppose forced masking and racism in schools. He has encouraged Justin Trudeau to violently crack down on peaceful protests in Canada. At home he has tried to enact a vaccine mandate and has attempted to hand out federal funds based on race, excluding whites, and preferentially treating blacks, the Democrats most reliable voting block. The US Supreme Court struck down those unconstitutional policies, although liberal judges dissented. Crime is up significantly across the United States.

Biden has 3 more years in his first term and it's hard to fathom what the world will look like in November of 2024. Will American voters take notice and tie Biden down in the 2022 mid-terms? Will Republicans get their act together and nominate a candidate who can beat Biden, or any other empty suit the Democrats likely nominate in 2024? If Republicans do win back the House and possibly Senate in 2022, will they actually use their power to reign in Biden, or will they appease and retreat, as has so often been their custom? Because what's worse than WW3? If you're an establishment Republican, it's being called racist by your political opposition...



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