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  • Ben Cooper

Biden's CDC Wants Covid Vax Mandates for Babies and Kids

Although technically just a guidance, such guidance policies have the habit of becoming mandates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Thursday voted unanimously to approve the CDC’s new recommended immunization schedules for adults and children for 2023, which adds vaccination for COVID-19.

The recommended schedule calls for children to begin getting doses of a COVID-19 vaccine when they are 6 months old.

After a brief comment period, the committee of doctors voted with 15 members in favor and none against.

Facts Over Censorship

  • Children are virtually invulnerable against Covid as they have a very low risk of mortality or complications.

  • Unlike many other vaccines, e.g. measles, polio, currently available Covid vaccines may improve outcomes, but do not prevent infection.

  • Currently available Covid vaccines have not been tested nearly as rigorously as other vaccines, e.g. measles, polio, which have been used for decades.

  • Side-effects of currently available Covid vaccines have been reported, e.g. heart problems.

The risk-benefit profile of currently available Covid vaccines for children, young and even middle aged adults are not favorable. Covid vaccines only seem to make sense for older people with pre-existing conditions. Age and pre-existing conditions can lead to complications from a Covid infection and may hence justify taking a vaccine that does have some side-effect while offering relatively weak protection.

Guidance Often Becomes Mandate

Because government and private organizations often take their cues from the CDC, also to protect from law suits, guidance from the CDC are often in effect laws/mandates.



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