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  • Dan Bilder

Chandler Mayor Hartke at Asian Festival in Mesa

The Chandler mayor was spotted attending the Asian Festival in Mesa. The event featured cultural displays, including the famous lion dance.

The Asian Festival in Mesa on February 5, 2022, attracted visitors from the East Valley and beyond. The festival featured an excellent performance of the US national anthem, cultural displays such as dances from different Asian cultures, and, everyone's favorite, a lion dance featuring 4 lions manned by 8 lions dancers in total, supported by a drumming band. Children and grown ups were keen to feed dollar bills, and sometimes larger denominations to the lions, for fun and good luck.

Kevin Hartke attended the festivities in his official capacity as mayor of Chandler. In addition to the cultural displays and stalls, the festival featured domestic and foreign government and corporate speakers.

Around 22,000 individuals, making up around 8% of Chandler's 275,000 residents, have Asian roots.



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