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  • Ben Cooper

Chandler PD Arrests Shooter a Day Later, Misclassifies Firearm

AR-15s are not assault rifles, since they don't fire in full auto. Americans are precluded by their government from owning such weapons, which clearly violates the second amendment.

On August 1, 6.58 pm, Chandler police officers were dispatched because 19 year old Nathanial Anthony Vensor allegedly fired an AR-15 in a parking lot of the Chandler Fashion mall, firing in the air. Vensor allegedly threatened a shopper with the gun, demanding his property. No one was injured or killed.

Vensor has face tattoos and, surprise, surprise, court documents show that he has a girlfriend, who drove the car Vensor used to get away after firing the shots. Daddy would be proud, if there is a daddy present... (sarcasm and satire)

Police were not able to find Vensor and apprehend him on August 1. Instead, Vensor apparently returned to the Chandler Fashion Mall the next day, was identified by security guards, who then called police again. Vensor was arrested on the morning of August 2. Fentanyl pills were found on his person. Vensor was booked for multiple felonies.

In their press release (see picture below) the Chandler PD misclassifies the AR-15 that Vensor carried as an assault rifle. Assault rifles are fully automatic military weapons. AR-15s are semi-automatic. The AR label does not stand for Assault Rifle, but for ArmaLite Rifle. ArmaLite is the company that first developed this now common sporting rifle in the 1950s. The AR-15 is popular for its modular design, its standardization and customizability. Numerous gun manufacturers now make AR-15 rifles. Parts are mostly interchangeable between weapons made by different manufacturers.

Of course the second amendment is clear. Citizens, who constitute the militia, shall be able to own and carry military style rifles, so that they are ready to defend the country with adequate weapons in case of invasion, and from tyranny. The limits on gun ownership in the US (and many other countries) exist because most governments do not want citizens to be able to defend themselves, it's as simple as that. A heavily armed citizenry, freed from laws that demand retreat first, would have dealt with Vensor themselves, rather than having to wait for police to arrest him a day later.

The failures of government controlled police became very apparent in Uvalde, where police officers stood idly by - one officer could be seen using hand sanitizer in the hallway - while a shooter murdered kids inside a school. Some local police even prevented parents from entering the school to save their kids, although an off duty police officer is credited for helping to evacuate children from outside the building. Here too, armed teachers and parents could have dealt with the shooter, but were prevented from doing so by oppressive laws and law enforcement.



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