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  • Ben Cooper

Parents vs Teachers: Chicken Breast or Thigh?

CUSD80 board candidate Kurt Rohrs accuses teachers speaking out against parental consent of lying and mockery, suggests they find employment elsewhere. Video at end of article.

At the 9 Feb 2022 CUSD80 board meeting, a host of speakers, many of whom CUSD80 teachers, spoke out against parental involvement in their children's education. In particular they objected to allowing parents to opt their children into classes that teach sexualized contents. We previously reported on the misinformation that was spread by speakers in the meeting.

According to school board candidate Kurt Rohrs, teachers speaking at the 9 Feb 2022 meeting spread additional misinformation. Some speakers had claimed that because of the word "chicken breast", opt-in was required for a cooking class. Addressing the board at the 23 Feb 2022 meeting, Rohrs appeared to refute these claims, calling them fabrications, although Rohrs used the term "chicken thighs". Rohrs said the district never issued such a policy. Responding to claims by teachers that this was a misunderstanding, he said that nobody could be "that stupid", implying that teachers speaking at the 9 Feb 2022 meeting deliberately lied in order to further their own political agenda. The real issue for teachers seemed to have been to prevent parental choice in the protection of minors from sexualized contents in classes. Teachers had claimed this would discriminate against gays, although they used the term 'LGTBQ community'.

Rohrs said that teachers could be disciplined for going against district policy and that teachers who cannot abide with it, are free seek employment elsewhere. The question with Mr Rohrs is, would he back up his rhetoric with action? Would he, if elected to the board, actually use his power to push the district to clean out the radical wokster teachers that indoctrinate children in critical race theory, sexualization, gender theory, mask panic, climate panic, socialism and communism? The question is pertinent because Rohrs is on record saying that he "would never do anything that harms teachers".

This is a conundrum for educational reformers because the urge to say "most teachers are good" is always present. What parents and taxpayers should ask is this: If teachers can organize 70,000 of them to march on the Arizona State Capitol to threaten strikes and demand higher wages, why can't they organize a protest denouncing the radicals among them, demanding that the DEI director is fired, demand an end to critical race theory, child sexualization and the indoctrination of children with revised history that fits radical far left political goals? Why do you hardly, if ever see any teachers at board meetings speaking against political radicalism in schools? Why are there hardly ever any teachers present in protests of parents against mask mandates for children? If teachers want to avoid further alienation of parents, they should start working on purging their profession from the woke fascists that seem to have subverted their profession on a massive scale.



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