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  • Ben Cooper

Christine Accurso Appointed Director of Arizona ESA Program

Tom Horne R won his election to Arizona Superintendent of Public Education. He appointed parental rights leader Christine Accurso from Gilbert to head the school voucher program.

The Valley Telegraph reported on the fight over the Empowerment Scholarship Account, ESA, expansion that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had signed into law. Teachers union aligned political action committee Save our Schools Arizona, PAC (SoS), had attempted to stall/stop the law by collecting signatures for a veto referendum. They failed because they fell short of the needed signatures. It appeared that they initially lied claiming they had a sufficient number of signatures when they did not.

The main reasons for SoS failing to stop the voucher expansion were the popularity of the law and the resistance of parents, lead by Christine Accurso, against the signature drive. During the signature drive parents positioned themselves in view of the signature collection sites and held up signs urging would be signers to inform themselves before signing anything. They also talked to people who were inclined to listen. And they succeeded.

With Horne, who ran on an anti-CRT platform, in charge of the Department of Education and Accurso directing the ESA program, the chances are good that school choice will further improve in Arizona. The image above, credit to Christine Accurso, shows Tom Horne and Christine Accurso.


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