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  • Mindy Walton

Hans Attacks JD Mesnard With Late-Term Abortion Extremism

Late-term abortion activist Cindy Hans appears to believe that attacking incumbent state senator JD Mesnard with late term abortion extremism is going to win her the race.

Note from the Editor: We contacted Cindy Hans per email for comment while writing this article but received no response.

Incumbent LD-13 Senator JD Mesnard-R should count himself lucky running against unpopular far left abortion extremist Cindy Hans. Hans is relatively unknown and doesn't seem to know the first thing about politics: It's the economy, stupid.

Instead of running on bread and butter issues that actually concern voters, Hans, a former public school principal and administrator, is running on abortion extremism and against school choice and the second amendment. Hans is endorsed by Save our Schools Arizona, SoS, the teachers union aligned group that unsuccessfully tried to kill the new, and popular, school choice law, the ESA expansion.

In short, Hans appeals to fringe voters. We predict that she won't come anywhere close to winning against Mesnard.

Abortion Extremism

Every woman in America already has the right to chose to have (or not have) unprotected sex with a man she doesn't want to have children with. That's the real right to choose. Except of course if you have been raped. But then people like Hans are soft on crime and appear to prefer rapists to run free on the streets, rather than being in prison, where they belong. Advertisements being streamed into East Valley homes paint Mesnard as an abortion extremist. Yet, Mesnard supports a state law that permits abortion up to week 15, with limits thereafter.

This middle-ground position is also where most Americans stand. The majority of Americans supports abortion rights, but, at the same time want to see a limit to avoid viable babies from being killed. The 16 week mark appears to be the most common limit that people, including most women, want to see. Such a limit is also common in most "liberals" countries in Europe. In fact Roe V Wade, now repealed, allowing abortion up to the moment of birth, was an extremist abortion position that could be found in no other country, except North Korea and China.

Hans is endorsed and financially supported by Arizona List PAC, a radical abortion-up-to-crowning activist group.

Anti-School Choice

It was heartening, and for us unexpected, to see that SoS fell well short of the already low hurdle of around 120,000 signatures needed to stall the new school choice bill. SoS appears to have lied about their signature count, initially reporting a number that, if true, would have stalled the ESA school voucher expansion. Cindy Hans has been endorsed by SoS. Hans is endorsed and financially supported by the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona wide public school teachers union. Hans is a shill for the public education establishment that wants to force all children into failing government schools where they can be indoctrinated in transgender extremism and anti-American Marxism.

Massive funding

Cindy for AZ has raised over $200,000 for her general election campaign, nearly matching what her opponent JD Mesnard-R has hauled in. However, although Hans had a primary opponent, Michael Morris, only around 15,000 voters pulled the lever for either her or her Democrat opponent. JD Mesnard, running unopposed, got over 25,000 votes. Given that Democrats have a significant general funding advantage, Hans barely pulling even to Mesnard's haul bodes ill for her chances of winning.

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1 Comment

Laura Lawless
Laura Lawless
Nov 03, 2022

15 weeks isn't viability, my dude. Try opening a science textbook instead of arguing against public schools.

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