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  • Mindy Walton

Climate Hucksters Quiet During Cool, Wet AZ Jul and Aug

Watch them return to their true panic making, big government socialism form during a few hot September days.

Lying by omission doesn't necessarily involve telling outright falsehoods, but instead simply omitting facts that counter a preferred narrative. For example, one can push a false narrative by emphasizing that a certain day was among the 5 hottest ever recorded on that particular date, while omitting that the next day was among the 5 coolest ever recorded.

Climate hucksters were notably quiet during July and August. The weather was relatively cool and wet in Arizona, with plenty of rain.

Nationally, no major hurricanes were recorded. Only last year climate hucksters, including Joe Biden, blamed man-made climate change for hurricanes. This year they are quiet, because there aren't any hurricanes. An objective observer would come to the conclusion that man does not cause hurricanes. A huckster simply lies by omission and ignores this data point. Watch them ratchet it up to panic mode as soon as there's a hurricane again.

Expect the Arizona Republic and other leftist publications to gin up the climate panic as a few days in September are getting close to 110F. An right on cue, according to a recent article in the Arizona Republic, communities are looking to hire so called heat officers to "cope with the impact climate change has on their communities". In reality it's just an excuse to hand out a well paid government job to another leftist ally and push for more socialism.

Their goal? Instill fear and panic in order to get people to vote for more government power and socialism to protect them from the imaginary source of that instilled fear.

The solution? Stoicism. Realize when someone uses fear and panic in order to push an agenda that they themselves are interested in pursuing. Especially when that agenda, less freedom, more government oversight and intrusion and more taxes, would hurt you. Just like no sane person buys snake oil, they shouldn't buy into the climate hoax either. The snake oil selling climate hoaxers aren't buying their own BS either, otherwise they wouldn't fly private jets and build mansions on the sea shore.

Complete facts about climate change

Is there climate change? See the image above. Yes, the climate has been changing for as long as planet Earth has been around. The climate was much hotter than today during much of the Mesozoic Era, the time of the dinosaurs. Even after the dinosaurs had gone extinct, from Paleocene to Miocene, up to about 10 Million years ago, temperatures on Earth were much hotter than today. There was then a major ice age, with global cooling, peaking during the Pleistocene at around 50,000 years ago. Humans already inhabited parts of the Earth at that time.

The Earth subsequently warmed again. A little ice age in Medieval times created some problems for mankind, which had much grown since the previous big ice age, and was now relying on agriculture, not hunting and gathering. The Earth subsequently warmed again. From around 1900 to today, the Earth's temperature has warmed by around 1.5F. In the last few years it has not warmed any further.

The multitude of curves on the very right hand side of the image above are projections by climate scientists. Climate scientists are mostly funded by government grants. The dominant current narrative of man made climate change and global warming means that in order to get funding, a climate scientists must subscribe to that dominate narrative. You simply can't get funding, or even a job, if you cast doubt on the dominant establishment narrative. By the way, only a few decades ago, in the 1970s, the dominant narrative was global cooling, see image below.



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