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  • Mindy Walton

CUSD80 Candidate Wants to Trim Single Motherhood Edges

In the 27 April 2022 CUSD80 board meeting, Kurt Rohrs calls on the district to emphasize marriage and intact families, rather than de-parenting. Video at the end of the article.

The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies. - From Robert Conquest's Three Laws of Politics

The assumption is usually that enemies of public education are enemies of the public/state element of it. This is a psy ops, psychological warfare, to distract from the true enemies of public education The true enemies of public education, who actually run public education, are enemies of the education aspect. What they want instead of public/state education is public/state indoctrination.

If you assume the above to be the case, does it make the behavior of many public school districts easier to understand?

Here are some key points of American radical leftist ideology

  • You are owned by the state, a slave

  • You may breed, but your children belong to the state

  • You feed your kids and pay taxes to the state

  • Children will be educated/indoctrinated by the state via state schools

  • Children are taught what to think, not how to think

  • The state's ideology is ethno/tribal socialism

  • A black, lesbian, transgender woman is highest in the tribal hierarchy and ideally all leadership positions should be filled with such people, if they are true believers of radical leftist ideology

  • Straight white men are lowest in their tribal hierarchy and should actively be discouraged and even removed from leadership positions and society in general

  • Freedom, free speech, free thought are all bad and should be eliminated, violently

CUSD80 candidate has a clue, but only wants to trim around the edges

Some of this seems to start dawning on Chandler Unified School District - CUSD80 - board candidate Kurt Rohrs. In his address to the board on 27 April 2022, Rohrs decried what he called de-parenting and requested that CUSD80 focusses on teaching the value of marriage and intact families. He correctly diagnosed that public schools do everything they can to encourage and increase single motherhood, though Rohrs used the more politically correct term single parenthood. Rohrs called on CUSD80 to use social emotional learning, SEL, resources to emphasize the importance of marriage and intact families on children.

Stronger candidates would call to simply remove social emotional learning, SEL, altogether and have schools only focus on academics and civics because SEL is corrupted from the beginning by political activists and cannot be reformed by a slight trim around the edges. Decades ago schools taught courses on homemaking, which SEL replaced. Rohrs appears to want schools involved in family life, by helping children of single mothers to break out of the viscous cycle. This may be a noble intent, but it also punishes intact families, because those families get taxed, meaning punished, in order to help, meaning reward, those who behave irresponsibly. Stronger candidates would do away with SEL, CRT, counseling, social work and all the other fat and ballast that weigh down public schools, and focus public schools solely on reading, math, science, arts (real arts, not degeneracy dressed up as arts) and civics.

Single motherhood is highly damaging to society - with video case studies

A black child growing up with his or her father in the house is quite rare these days. Indeed single motherhood is the norm among black Americans, where more than 70% of all children are born to single mothers. In the Hispanic community it's about 50%. Among white, non-Hispanic Americans the number is around 25%, and rising.

Why is this? Single motherhood occurs when a woman choses (the real right to choose) to engage in unprotected sex with a man she is not married to, usually not even committed to, and who is often unreliable. This is further encouraged by increased welfare payments to families without a father. In our society young women are encouraged to start early, explore their sexuality, rack up a body count, and more often than not, get pregnant without being first married.

Indeed, third wave feminism, which is part of the ethno/tribal ideology taught in schools, sees it as empowering when women sleep around. This is in order to make men and women equal. Abortion, as a means of contraception, is seen as crucial to this ideology, to free women from the consequences of promiscuity, to make them equal with men. Men, after all, cannot get pregnant from having sex, so why should women? Abortion hence needs to be on demand, and free/taxpayer-funded.

As Ann Coulter explains in the video inset, children from single motherhood households are much overrepresented among the poor and criminal elements of our society, and yes, there is a causative relationship as crime and crime glorification lead to poverty (not the other way round). Growing up with government handouts, food stamps, welfare, they are also far more likely to end up voting for politicians who promise and deliver handouts. Comprehending these statistical relationships, it becomes easy to understand why public/state schools push child sexualization and de-parenting. It helps the people running the system, the radical left, politically by creating more voters for them.

The Nazis in Germany and the communists in the Soviet Union also strongly inserted themselves into state schools, in order to indoctrinate the children. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, children were part of the so called Spies, a state controlled youth organization. In the famous book, parents were afraid of their own children who were trained by the state to spy on and denounce their own family members to the state, controlled by the party.

Intact families are the bedrock of a healthy society

In truth, as Rohrs hinted in his address to the CUSD80 board, children are doing by far the best if raised by two committed parents. Such children are also the most difficult to indoctrinate as two parents can push back better against the ethno-socialist garbage that many teachers indoctrinate in public/state schools.

The solution? People need to wake up and realize that those who push de-parenting are in their children's class rooms. American public education needs fundamental reform, not tweaking at the edges. This means:

  • Destroy teachers unions, they are an absolute cancer on our society

  • Fire radical leftist teachers

  • Hire and promote based on individual teacher performance, not collective bargaining

  • Remove every trace of racial and gender theories, and those pushing them, from the class room

  • Remove social emotional learning, SEL, and those pushing it

  • Don't glorify crime, poverty, degeneracy, weakness, emotions and victimhood

  • Glorify freedom, wealth creation, entrepreneurship, invention, strength, logic

  • Teach civics with a focus on civic values such as freedom, free speech, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution

  • Teach about the right of conquest

  • Teach that strong, free people and nations do not get conquered

  • Remove all sex ed from schools, don't say gay or trans, don't say penis or vagina

  • Fairly treat homeschoolers and private schoolers by paying them the same per child as a public schools get, to be used for education as parents see fit: books, software, online, tutors, private classes, or just to reimburse the parents for doing education work, OR

  • Exempt people with children who don't use the public education system from property and income taxes



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