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  • Mindy Walton

CUSD80's Lindsay Love Stokes Violence, Racism, Sexism

CUSD80 board member Lindsay Love sides with Will Smith over his assault on Chris Rock. She also tweets and retweets what seems to be anti-white racism.

It is difficult to confront hate and violence when one has been made to feel guilty and ashamed towards those who originate the hate and violence. The standard answers to crime, racism, including affirmative action, and even terrorism originating from within the black community so far have been:

  • But, but, but, Martin Luther King

  • That's actually bad for black people

There now appears to be a subtle cultural shift underway. People seem somewhat less afraid to be called the r-word and openly talk about real problems. This may also be related to it having become more widely known that critical race theory (CRT) indoctrination is widespread in public schools and is negatively affecting children by teaching them to hate themselves and each other, and that, if they happen to be too pale, they do not deserve and should not aspire to hold political power. Here are three recent articles from mainstream news media outlets that stop mincing words and instead use terms such as black supremacy, black racism and black killers:

CUD80 board member since 2018

Lindsay Love, who was elected to the CUSD80 board in 2018, has been the subject of some of the Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek communities' ire due to her seemingly radical and even militant political positions and aggressive and often racist behavior toward those who disagree with her. Love seems to have made anti-white racist statements and has verbally attacked parents who oppose her pushing

critical race theory (CRT) into schools. However, political leadership has been either mute or even accommodating. In CUSD80 board meetings, Barb Mozdzen, the CUSD80 President, is often letting Love make and second motions, as well as allowing her to talk over board member colleagues. The two videos in the insets show some of Love's tweets as well as clips featuring her in CUSD80 board meetings. It's rumored that Chandler mayor Kevin Hartke is a friend of Love. Under Hartke's leadership the City of Chandler is instituting and expanding equity and diversity - critical race theory (CRT) by another name - initiatives and bureaucracy.

Words are violence and justify actual violence in response

In her (public) twitter feed - see images below - Love recently took a stance in favor of Will Smith over Chris Rock. Chris Rock is on record siding with police over Rodney King by saying "if the police have to come and get you, they're going to bring an a** kicking with them". Playing the black woman victim card, she appeared to side with claims that Chris Rock, with his joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head at the Oscars, violently attacked black women and that Will Smith, her husband, was right to assault him for that. In this context Love also retweeted posts that paint white people in a derogatory light by claiming that they all want war with Russia, while at the same time being hypocrites about Smith's violence against Rock. Love cites a bogus study to claim that white people are racist because said bogus study found that they "mentally peaced out" when they found out that school closures affect black kids more than their own (white) children. Sadly, Love herself pushed for school closures and at this stage is the lone CUSD80 board member still wearing a mask in board meetings. In another tweet Love announces: "Stay out of Black folx business with your poor white feminism hot takes." In another she opines: "The white male violence is creating a new account to whitesplain to Black women with citations."

It is worth remembering that Love sits on the CUSD80 board where she is one of 5 people making decisions over a $400 Million a year budget affecting 40,000 students and hundreds of thousands of property tax paying residents in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek. As of now Love is not running for re-election. A possible successor who appears equally radical may already be emerging.



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