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  • Mindy Walton

Would Be Lindsay Love Successor at CUSD80 Meet

Crystal Markowsky seems serious about running for a CUSD80 board seat and appears to want to carry on Lindsay Love's politics. Video at the end of the article.

Image: Markowsky is on the left, Love on the right.

Mirroring Lindsay Love, who was the only Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, board member to be masked at the 13 April 2022 board meeting, Crystal Markowsky donned a black face mask and spoke on diversity and inclusion, i.e. Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In typical gaslighting fashion of authoritarians, Markowsky claimed that CUSD80 students who have for years been indoctrinated in equity and inclusion, meaning Critical Race Theory (CRT), now want more CRT out of their own free will and totally without being pressured by the director of equity and inclusion and her allies among teachers, teachers unions and the administration.

Historical revisionism

Markowsky urged the board to adopt the new Mexican American and African American Experience courses that she says have been suggested. This demonstrates a lack of understanding as these courses have already been approved and will be offered. What is currently up for review is which textbook to use for the African American Experience course.

Markowsky presumably not only wants these courses offered as electives, always the first step, but to make them mandatory, the actual goal. She justified this in her speech by saying that students should learn complete American history. With this, radicals like her do not mean that students should learn about slavery in the Barbary states defeated by the US Marines, or the host of technological advances made by American inventors and entrepreneurs, or all the other good things that America is responsible for. Instead the radicals want to weaken the resolve of the American people with a constant drumbeat of guilting and shaming via historical revisionism. The lightbulb? Not actually invented by (white) Thomas Edison, but by a black man, says Joe Biden! See video inset. A criminal shot by police? White supremacy! An actual black supremacist running his SUV into children playing in a band? He was fighting white supremacy! Lower grades for black students? Racism! Parents don't want their 6 year olds to be told by grown ups about gay sex? Bigots! Keep the Southern border secure? Racists! And so on and so forth.

Markowsky is one of the many faces of radical leftism. People often point to George Soros or alleged election fraud. Yet, many people actually voted for the current cabal of fascists that run this country (into the ground). Although thanks to his atrocious job performance his overall approval is low, Biden, who appears senile, evil and a fool, still has a 75% approval rating among Democrats. For some reason 3% of Republicans approve of him as well. His approval among black Americans is 65%, which is down from 88% a year earlier. Importantly, not all disapproval of Biden is because he has gone too far off the left/fascist cliff. Some of it is because some people think he hasn't gone far enough.

Critical Race Theory, CRT, in practice

Conservatives, moderates, libertarians and even liberals need to come to the realization of what they are up against: a powerful, authoritarian, fascist political movement that has all but taken over the Democratic Party. It aims to institute an ethno/tribal/racial socialist system in which some groups/races are seen as superior, to be given advantages, while others are inferior, to be punished. Natural rights and justice will be taken away and replaced by group identity and so called social justice. This includes the abolishment of private property and hence the free market. This is also the core tenet of critical race theory. In essence this is Marxism, but with the class struggle replaced by a racial/identity struggle. In that respect it's akin to Nazism.

Its more radical proponents, like Ibram Kendi from Boston University, are explicit about the need to outright discriminate in favor of black people. Joe Biden nominated, and the Senate - with the votes of both Arizona Senators as well as 3 weak Republicans - just seated a SCOTUS justice who was explicitly chosen by Biden because she is black and female, as well as a judicial activist. This is not diversity, this is not justice, this is racial supremacy. It's not going to get better, unless people speak up against it and act. At CUSD80 the first step would be the firing of the director for equity and inclusion, Adama Sallu. Her job in CUSD80 seems to be to push this CRT based ideology. The second step would be to purge all CRT related contents out of the curriculum, including those who push it, of whom there seem to be quite a few.

Parents need to recruit strong individuals who are willing and able to take and win this fight. If Markowsky, or people like her, run in November 2022, voters should make sure to deny them a seat on the CUSD80 board. If voters don't like the current roster of candidates, they still have a little time to recruit an alternative. Failing that, people may want to consider realpolitik and vote for the next best option, rather than not voting at all. But that's a personal choice each individual has to make. Although some semblance of normalcy and civility still remains in our society, our country and our communities are in dire straits. The stakes couldn't be higher.



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