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  • Mindy Walton

Chandler Schools to Offer Racial Grievance Studies

The ethno-socialist ideology of the hard left is is becoming firmly embedded. CUSD80 will offer a course titled "The Black American Experience". Video at article end.

Another course will be titled "The Mexican American Experience". The first question everyone should ask about this matter is: Would CUSD80 tolerate even the discussion of a course titled "The White American Experience", if it were, God forbid, depict white people in a positive light?

Ethno-socialism means Marxism, but with the class struggle replaced by a race struggle. Imagine Soviet Gulags where instead of exploiting and destroying political enemies based on class, the enemy is defined mostly by race.

Moving on, the Biden/Harris administration is advancing and promoting people almost purely based on race and gender. It has attempted on several occasions to discriminate based on race in the handout of farm and pandemic aid, only to be stopped by the courts.

Universities around the country and more and more K-12 schools are using race as one of the most important factors in admissions, hiring and promotion, promoting Blacks while holding back especially Asians and Whites. This ethno-socialist ideology became first known as Critical Race Theory, CRT. It was born in African-American studies departments of colleges. Such ethno-grievance studies departments are at the root of much of the BLM upheaval, violence and political intimidation in our society. The BLM movement has yet to be effectively confronted politically because few politicians want to be labeled as racist by the racists and their useful idiots pushing CRT.

In schools around the country as well as in Chandler this ideology keeps making gains, because it is aggressively pursued by the people/organizations who are really in charge of public schools, teachers unions. It is also advancing in the City of Chandler, via a so called non-discrimination ordinance, and a new diversity and inclusion initiative of the city under Republican mayor Kevin Hartke.

In the 9 March 2022 board meeting of Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Craig Gilbert unveiled a new elective course: "The Black American Experience". A committee recommends the following text book for the course: "The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross" by HL Gates the director of the Center for African American Research at Harvard.

Gates is perhaps best known for being arrested in his own home when police mistook him for an intruder. Gates had tried to enter his house without a key. A meeting between Gates, then President Barack Obama and the arresting officer was arranged in the Rose Garden of the White House. Gates isn't as radical as people like Ibram X Kendi, the director for the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University. In the documentary titled the same as his text book for example, Gates clearly acknowledges that black slaves were captured and sold not by whites, but by other African blacks. Kendi on the other hand is an open racist who openly calls for racial discrimination for the benefit of blacks.

Although teachers have been caught teaching online classes from a beach holiday home, the text book is not available for online viewing, but has to be viewed in person at the Melinda Romero Instructional Resource Center at 500 W Galveston Road, Chandler where it is displayed between March 10 and May 9, 2022. Comments to the CUSD80 board can be made here.

Board member Jason Olive asked Gilbert if the course would replace American history, to which Gilbert responded that it would not, because it is an elective, for now. However, the energy and money expended to put together an ethno-grievance studies course like this will be missing from courses that actually help students get ahead in life, basic and advanced math, science, business, civics etc. It represents yet another step forward taken by the impressive success that Black Lives Matter radicals have made in our country, especially in education. Dividing people into tribes and then pitching these tribes against each other is one way in which the strength of a nation can be undermined and political goals pushed forward during the ensuing chaos.

In typical "nice-guy" fashion, many conservative pundits often remark that it is unfair to blacks to paint them as oppressed and in need of help. That may be so. However, blacks are not the target of Black Lives Matter radicals. Instead people who aren't black are the target. When gifted schools are closed because black enrollment is too low for the taste of BLM radicals, then the goal is to deny advancement to the mostly non-blacks in these programs.

Republicans, including Donald Trump, tried unsuccessfully to pander to BLM via the platinum plan and Tim Scott led "police reform". In a show of the futility of such racial pandering, neither Trump nor Scott (nor any other Republican) usually get more than 10% of the black vote, despite Scott being black himself.



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