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  • Ben Cooper

Chandler Teachers Union All In on BLM, CRT

The Chandler Education Association, CEA, seems to be all in on so called anti-racism, a political framework that paints America, and (many) Americans, as systemically racist.

School district staff and teachers associations around America, and in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, officially seem to claim that critical race theory, CRT, does not exist in K-12 school. Lindsay Love, a Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, board member, is on record saying that CRT is a very complex framework that is only taught in law school.

Many localities and states are currently taking measures to outright ban the teaching of CRT in schools. However, their efforts appear doomed from the start. This is because they treat a symptom, not the cause. Their measures are being easily circumvented. CRT is in schools, though typically not by that name. Instead, synonyms such as anti-racism, diversity and school equity are used. Snippets of it are being embedded in courses from math over language to history.

The Chandler Education Association, CEA, is all in on this so called anti-racism. On its website the CEA states: "It is not enough to acknowledge the inequities in education. We must address the systemic racism that is inherent in everything from dress codes to discipline." It would appear that what this means is to get rid of meritocracy, and replace it with tribalism.

The CEA is headed by Katie Nash, a frequent speaker at CUSD80 board meetings. The CEA has operatives in nearly every school in the Chandler Unified School District.

Comments to the CUSD80 governing board are due at noon on Tuesday before the bi-monthly board meeting on Wednesday and can be made here. Board meeting dates can be found here. The next board meeting is on Feb 9, 2022.

Sourced context:

Joe Biden recently confirmed his promise to only consider black females for the Supreme Court seat to be vacated by Justice Stephen Breyer. An opinion poll indicated that this is highly unpopular. 76% of respondents stated that they would like Biden to consider candidates of all racial and gender backgrounds. It has been opined that his Vice President Kamala Harris was picked at least in part based on race and gender. His administration has tried - and sometimes failed - to preferentially treat black Americans in the hand out of Covid relief, such as farm aid. His FDA wants to establish guidelines that put black Americans at the front of the waiting line for Covid treatment. Affirmative action preferentially treats black applicants for highly sought after college and graduate school spots. America has black history month, black-only Universities supported by federal funds and even a black national anthem that is currently under consideration to replace the Star Spangled Banner as the US national anthem. The bill was introduced by James Clyburn D-South Carolina, a Biden ally. There have been cases of white Americans pretending to be non-white in order to receive preferential treatment under affirmative action. Rachel Dolezal was a famous example. Harvard University once listed Elizbeth Warren, now a US Senator, as native American Professor because Warren had, apparently, lied on application forms, claiming to be native American in order to benefit from affirmative action for college placement and employment.



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