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  • Ben Cooper

Teachers Union Wants More Masks, Quarantine

The President of the Chandler Education Association, CEA, wants to increase masking and quarantining children.

Speaking - masked - at the CUSD80 board meeting on 12 January 2021, Katie Nash, the President of the Chandler Teachers Union, claimed that a "raging" pandemic warrants the tightening of masking and quarantine policies.

In particular Nash bemoaned that some children who ought to be masked, according to district policies, are not. According to CUSD80 policies, children who have recently had Covid, are to wear masks in school, creating a two-class society within school boundaries.

According to Nash, the environment for teachers and administrators is not safe, although she stopped short to demanding renewed school closures - with full pay for teachers.

The Covid pandemic is currently in its third year. The Omicron variant is characterized by a very high rate of infection on the one hand, but mild symptoms on the other. Children often don't have any symptoms. Adults typically experience symptoms akin to a mild flu. In the early days of the pandemic federal agencies released guidelines telling people not to mask. They then changed tune and demanded that masks are made mandatory. The existence of mask-less parties of the rich and famous, including politicians such as Gavin Newsom or Barack Obama, suggest that they agree in private that masks are wholly inadequate to prevent viral transmission.



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