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  • Mindy Walton

Donald Trump Endorses Blake Masters for Senate

Masters is a Pima County native with close ties to President Trump and Peter Thiel. He advocates for the nuclear family, border security, gun rights and calls out anti-white racism.

Watch the below video of Masters calling out anti-white racism and anti-American indoctrination in schools:

Masters supported Trump back in 2015, during the Republican Presidential primaries. Masters is running in a crowded field comprised of himself, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson, Businessman Jim Lamon and Former Arizona National Guard General Mick McGuire.

After Masters gained momentum in recent weeks, Brnovich, Lamon and Masters are about even at around 20% each in latest polls.

Masters is a strong proponent of the nuclear family and argues that it should be possible to raise a family on one income. Masters is also among a small but growing group of Republicans who are not afraid to call out the anti-white racism of the radical left. Blake Masters is also a strong proponent of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms. Masters is known for having built several firearms at home using a DIY CNC machine.

Gun rights under assault

The winner of the Republican primary will take on Senator Mark Kelly. Unlike his Democratic colleague Kyrsten Sinema, Kelly has made no attempt to pretend that he is a moderate. Kelly is a well known anti-gun right activist who is currently working with the Biden administration to restrict gun rights. Democrats in Congress are presently preparing a bill that would ban the popular AR-15 sporting rifle among others and would ban magazines holding more than 6 rounds, including on pistols. This would in effect ban most personal carry guns as these usually hold more than 6 rounds. In an assault by three attackers say, having only six rounds for self defense could leave one in serious danger of grievous bodily harm due to running out of shots before the threats are neutralized.

Democrats want to restrict, by law, gun sales. They desire to hold gun manufacturers liable for shootings in order to drive them out of the business of making firearms. Democrats also want to pass red flag laws that would allow the cancellation of the second amendment to people deemed a danger to themselves or others, as decided by a judge, at first. Later perhaps, unionized school counsellors could also make such recommendations, perhaps against parents who oppose critical race theory. History has shown that as soon as the first step is taken taking freedom away, more will soon follow down the slippery slope to tyranny.

The Democrats' Protect our Kids act, introduced by Jerry Nadler D-NY, has nothing to do with keeping kids safe and is all about disarming American citizens in order to put them at the mercy of criminals and tyrants.

History: Tyrannies take away gun rights

A few weak Republicans such as Senator John Cornyn from Texas, or Adam Kinzinger from Illinois have indicated that they would be open to certain elements of this new law, e.g. the AR-15 ban. This shows just how important it is to elect strong second amendment supporters. All tyrannies, from the Nazis, over the Soviets to the communists in North Korea have one thing in common: a disarmed citizenry.



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