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  • Mindy Walton

Gilbert Mayor Uses Cops to Silence Critics at Meeting

In the 20 Sep 2022 Council meeting Gilbert Mayor Brigette Peterson directed Gilbert police to remove meeting attendees who silently held up signs critical of her, council. Video in article.

Authoritarians can often be easily identified because their tyrannical instincts tend to be so strong that they override better judgement and common sense. Had Peterson simply ignored the signs silently held up in the council meeting, telling her to stop lying and turning Gilbert into Mesa, the incidence would have passed without much notice. Instead, her authoritarian conduct and her unattractive policies are becoming ever more widely known.

When law enforcement is used against citizens expressing their opinions we enter banana republic territory. We have seen similar actions being taken by government bodies in Chandler, for example when cops were used to prevent anti-mask mandate protestors from speaking at the Chandler Unified School Board, CUSD80, meeting. Detectives from the Chandler Police Department surveilled local parents' rights groups.

On a federal level the FBI is being heavily used by Biden-Harris to suppress dissent and intimidate and even jail political opponents. Tens of thousands of new IRS agents to be hired over the next years will be used by the Biden-Harris regime to suppress opposition to their policies.

Other city council members silent, cops compliant

A strong defender of basic rights would have torn Peterson a new one. Instead, all other city council members in attendance were quiet and did nothing. Rules that prohibit clapping may actually violate the first amendment protecting free speech. Citizens are right to ignore such "decorum".

Since decorum, process, health and safety are often used as false fronts for oppression - remember the Government Covid lockdowns and school closures - one should always be suspicious and on alert when politicians emphasize these concepts to suppress natural rights.

Important to note here is that there appear to be no rules against bringing signs to a meeting, a point one of the speakers at the meeting made, see video. If so, Peterson, who on her facebook page posted about celebrating Constitution Day, may have violated the Bill of Rights. People who were removed from the room should file and press charges. It is important that the people regularly remind politicians who is boss. Failure to do so leads to the rise of the deep state and people like Peterson.

Cops swear an oath to the constitution, not Mayor Peterson. They should have simply refused to answer her call and told her to remove the people themselves if she wants to, and then arrested her should she have gotten physical.

We asked council candidate Bobbi Buchli for comment on the episode, but received no response...

The image above shows Peterson wearing a mask, while physically distanced from other people, outdoors.

Some tips for civil disobedience and resistance

Members of the audience could form a protective circle around those holding signs. It is important to make those who would oppress us feel resistance at every step. The harder they have to work, the more easily broken is their resolve, and the slower their progress. This doesn't need to involve any physical force. The mere fact that law enforcement has to split apart a circle of citizens will cause problems for them and the mayor. Make sure to film this and feel free to send us the footage. Always document it when government oppresses your rights.

Attendees could wear T-shirts bearing the same message as the signs that were being held up.

The mayor regularly has public appearances. It's OK to ask her about her stance on free speech, railway lines and high density housing when she is out and about in her official capacity.

In the long run, for the 2024 elections, a strong challenger to Peterson should run and ideally beat her so she is removed from office.


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato -

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.



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