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  • Ben Cooper

Historical Revisionism at CUSD80 Asian Heritage Month

A CUSD80 student gave a presentation on Asian American Heritage Month, displayed an amazing lack of historical knowledge and presented lies by omission. Video at end of article.

In this article we are critical of a CUSD80 student's presentation to the CUSD80 board. Criticism is not the same as blame however. The blame lies with our public school system and other institutions that, from an early age, poison the minds of our children with radical ideologies, while at the same time failing to instill accurate historical knowledge.

At the May 11, 2022 Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, board meeting, a black face masked Asian CUSD80 student implicitly blamed white people for a dramatic rise in hate crimes against Asians in the US, especially in large and deep blue cities. Yet, the vast majority of the perpetrators are/were actually black, as video footage of such incidents clearly proves.

Also, in her speech to the board, the student lied by omission. Possibly for political reasons, she left out the greatest injustices that have been and are being done to Asians in the US:

  • The forced internment of Japanese Americans during WWII at the hands of the Democratic FDR administration. The image at the top of the article shows Japanese American children being shipped off to internment camps.

  • Anti-Asian affirmative action college admissions policies that disadvantage Asians in order to increase the number of black students.

We presume the student left these injustices out because she has already been firmly indoctrinated in leftist ideology of which FDR was one of the fathers, and who is hence beyond criticism. An affirmative action case is currently before SCOTUS as Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College. The student mentioned none of this during her presentation.

Proving her wokeness, the student also mixed in Asians with so called People of Color, POCs, demanding that more books written by POCs should be taught in the curriculum. While we strongly support that CUSD80 teaches books written by Thomas Sowell, for example, it would have to be pointed out that Sowell is black, not Asian.

The Chinese Exclusion Act which the student mentioned did indeed target Chinese immigrants. Yet, Chinese immigrants were hardly alone in facing anti-immigrant backlash. Today the Biden-Harris administration is openly hostile to Cuban immigrants, presumed future Republican voters, turning around boats full of refugees from communist terror in Cuba, forcing them back into the hands of their oppressors.

As the student correctly pointed out, Chinese immigrants did indeed work hard on the transcontinental Pacific railroad. Many suffered accidental injury or even death. However, the majority of Pacific Railroad workers were Civil War veterans and recent white immigrants. In Utah the railroad was built almost entirely by members of the Church of Jesus Christ Letter-day Saints, Mormons. Naturally the student mentioned none of this.

Looking at the immigration matter the other way round, American immigrants who aren't of Chinese descent are, to this day, unwelcome in China. In fact many Asian countries, including fairly open Singapore, have racial quota systems, explicit or implicit, for their countries. Immigration friendly Singapore for example is actively working to maintain a population that is majority Chinese. The Chinese population in Singapore has much lower birthrates than the local Malay population and the government, dominated by Chinese Singaporeans, actively imports mainland Chinese immigrants to maintain racial balance.

In contrast, neighboring Malaysia with a majority Malay population, ruthlessly oppresses Chinese and Indian minorities via explicit affirmative action policies that place lower achieving Malays ahead of their Chinese and Indian competitors in areas ranging from college places to government jobs.

Of course Americans have every right to keep immigrants out if they so choose because constitutional protections only apply to Americans and permanent residents, not all people on the globe. We should not let ourselves be suckered into believing that we have to open our borders to every person in the world because the radical left screams racism.

As Americans we must get rid of racist affirmative action in our own country that sees Asians and Whites unfairly disadvantaged in college admissions, government handouts and government jobs. The importance of this is underlined by the fact that Joe Biden vowed, and followed through on, to only nominate a black woman to the SCOTUS seat vacated by Stephen Breyer. Joe Biden openly, and to the applause of his party, the Democrats, uses race and gender as primary qualifying factors for assigning government jobs.



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