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  • Mindy Walton

Kari Lake Annihilates Leftist Colored People Narrative

A "reporter" asked her about people of color and police. Lake bravely dispelled the propaganda that police target non-whites, which has been proven to be a lie. Video in article.

Complete statistical data including the frequency of crime show clearly that there is no racial difference in police shootings. Young black males, making up perhaps 2% of the US population, as a demographic commit around half, that's 50%, of all homicides in the United States. This means that they naturally have far more contact with police than say older Chinese-American women, who commit basically no crime at all.

Yet, the woke left would have you believe that because older Chinese American women have less contact with police than young black males, the police is racist. Clearly, so they claim, stop and frisk should be applied as much to older Chinese American ladies as to young black males with gang tats. That's equity.

In truth what the racist woke left really wants is differential law enforcement. By ignoring how much crime is actually committed by certain demographics, they claim that any difference in the number of arrests and indictments is a sign of racism.

In a recent press conference Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake bravely dispelled this lie. She said that people of color are not targeted by police any more than whites. Lake also said that she knows no person of color who wants less police. She implied that data showing such preferences are made up by the press. According to Lake the press asks two, three or four far left political activists about their opinion, rather than actually going into neighborhoods to ask normal people and get a real picture of the situation.



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