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Kari Lake Confident In Win, Says Blake Masters Also Still In It

Citing data on the order in which votes are counted, Lake says she believes that there are a large number of Republican votes still to be counted. Video in article.


Speaking to Larry Kudlow, Kari Lake discussed the around 600,000 votes still to be counted in Arizona. According to Lake, around 400,000 of those votes are mail in votes that were dropped of on election day. People who do this, she argued, tend to be concerned about election integrity and hence tend to be Republicans. She appeared confident that she will win the election for Governor of Arizona when all is said and done. Right now, around 16,000 votes separate Lake from Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is in the lead with the current vote count.

Lake opined that Blake Masters also still has a chance to get into office, although he is further behind his opponent, Democrat Mark Kelly, than Lake is behind hers.

It turns out a day later that Lake was wrong as Masters vs Kelly has since been called for Kelly and Lake is a bit further behind than she was before, 1.3% as of 2022/11/11.



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