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  • Mindy Walton

Kurt Schlichter Goes Off on Flaccidcons to Wake Up the GOP

Columnist Kurt Schlichter says that there is nothing left to conserve. The country is gone. Political warriors are needed now to get it back.

In an excellent recent article columnist Kurt Schlichter calls on what he calls flaccidcons to wake up and step out of the way. He argues that there is nothing left to conserve as some of those calling themselves conservatives have failed to conserve the United States and are wholly inadequate to get back what has been lost. The straw that broke the camel's back in Schlichter's opinion was the armed raid on Trump's private residence by the Biden-Harris FBI. Fascist and communist dictators and tyrants use government agencies to suppress their political opposition. Decent leaders do not. Schlichter writes:

Oh, Mike Pence, you soft, naive little man. Oh, Tim Scott, you kind and friendly gentleman. I like you both. I really do. I would love you to be my neighbors. If I ran short of sugar or charcoal, you'd square me away. Not so much bourbon, but whatever. If I asked you to help me move or give me a ride to the airport, you suckers would be all in because you are nice guys. And that's your problem and the problem of Republicans like you. You are nice guys in a time that calls for ruthless killers who want to destroy our enemies and leave them on their backs, figuratively cockroaching on the floor.

We want vengeance and victory. You want hugs. I guess that's nice. Hugworld would be pleasant, but it's the hardcore bomb throwers who get us to that stage by pummeling our enemies into submission. You find that unsavory, disconcerting, unseemly. You would prefer a world of comity, collegiality, and unicorns. And that ain't happening until we warrior cons have broken our enemy – yeah, I used the "E" word – and exacted our payback and thereby ensured that their pain is so great that they will not dare even dream of repeating this nonsense again for a generation for fear of our righteous wrath.

Your problem is that you live on forever in a world that no longer exists, if it ever did. You live in a world where there are norms. You live in a world of rules and guardrails, where the institutions are at least nominally neutral and where we all share some basic premises that provide common ground. But we don't. They hate America. They hate believing Christians and Jews. They hate the idea of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to due process, and not killing babies three seconds before they poke their heads out. They think kids should be mutilated to conform to gender delusions. They want us normals disarmed, disenfranchised, and, more often than you softies will admit, deceased.

You both want to run in 2024, but you think it's still 2005, and you both talk like a pre-failure Weekly Standard article about "empowerment" and "opportunity." Buzzwords like that are worse than meaningless in an environment where our basic liberties are under constant assault by these communist bastards. There's a war on and you people want to sing Kumbaya. That's why you cannot be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in 2024.

... Read Schlichter's full article here.

Readers of the Valley Telegraph can decide for themselves if local Republican leaders are warriors able to take back lost ground, or flaccidcons who cannot get their heads around the fact that our political opposition wants us gone and won't compromise until that has been accomplished. Readers can ask themselves if things in their local communities are going in the right direction, or in the left? Is the right able to conserve, or are things going down hill? Are the schools getting better, or are they getting worse? Is homelessness getting better, or worse? Is the population getting more conservative, meaning schools educate conservative citizens, and conservative citizens move here, or is it tilting left? Are conservative candidates getting elected, or do school board and city councils move to the left? Are staff working in city and town halls conservative, or are they pursuing leftists agendas? Do we see civic and patriotic initiatives in libraries, schools, and other institutions, or is it more BLM agitprop and diversity and equity programs?

Read Schlichter's full article here.



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