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  • Mindy Walton

Midterm Pox Spreading to Elections - Not PC!

Instead of recommending condoms and a temporary change in lifestyle, WHO bureaucrats instead declare a global monkeypox health emergency, right before the midterm elections.

Monkeypox is normally only rarely transmitted, and if so, then usually between animals and humans. But since it has entered the human population in Africa and was then brought to Europe by someone who subsequently apparently participated in a gay orgy, it has now transitioned to a stage where human to human infection has become more common. The epicenter appears to be Western Europe, in particular Belgium. The transmission seems to happen mainly via an*l sex. Ah, now here's a problem with political correctness and woksterism superseding sound health policy.

Of course many gays are in monogamous relationships and aren't affected by this, although wokesters seem to want to push an image that every gay person regularly engages in unprotected b*tt s*x orgies, extreme promiscuousness and other behavior that facilitates the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Among the small kink crowd this behavior has been on the rise again since HIV/AIDS has become manageable with very expensive drugs, rather than being a death sentence.

Instead of telling the kink crowd to knock it off for a while until monkeypox passes, wokesters of course rather push a health emergency on everyone. Uber-wokester Gavin Newsom made it legal to knowingly transmit HIV to people in California after all, doing otherwise would be politically incorrect, racist, homophobic, transphobic and also orange man bad. Not only does this burden everyone with authoritarianism, it also risks lives, as should be obvious.

In declaring monkeypox a global health emergency, corrupt charlatan and WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who did so much damage to economy and liberty with his Covid hucksterism, decided to overrule his own WHO council, which voted to NOT label monkeypox a global emergency.

This shows very clearly that public health authorities often do not follow sound science but instead have a political agenda focused on promoting tyranny and authoritarianism. Because of this, their integrity has evaporated and very few people still trust them. Agencies such as the CDC and the NIH have seen massive staff departures as many real scientists working under charlatans such as Anthony Fauci have had enough of politics superseding science.

So, don't panic about monkeypox, or Covid. Push for secure elections, and resist mask and vaccination mandates. Purging the government run health complex from the charlatans, quacksters and wokesters should be a top priority.



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