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  • Ben Cooper

Radical Left Viciously Attacks James Knox's Person

Knox is a candidate for the Queen Creek school board. Leftist radicals appear to have banded together to smear his person in an attempt to prevent him from getting elected.

Most leftists are unable to engage in civilized arguments because their view points are part of an obviously evil and violence-based ideology. They are indefensible. So what most leftists do instead in order to gain power is to use physical violence, cheat, lie, intimidate, indoctrinate especially children and rewrite history. Many people are intimidated by this and shut up. Not James Knox, a conservative candidate for school board in Queen Creek.

In our interview with him, Knox mentioned that when he was a state legislator in Montana and later board member in other states, leftists in the educational establishment threatened his children in order to intimidate Knox into silence and submission. In one case they allegedly told him "if you send your children to public school they will be dunces".

Attacks from the Local Far Left

In order to stop Knox from getting elected to the Queen Creek Unified School District Board a number of leftist radicals appears to have banded together in a group called Keep Liars Out of Schools in order to attack Knox's person. According to Knox, and the group's facebook page, they are following the below public figures and organizations on social media:

Attacks Appear to Come from Teachers Union Aligned Interests

According to the contents of the group's facebook page, it appears to care not one bit about children and education, but instead has policy positions that are closely aligned with teachers union interests e.g.

  • More pay for public school teachers - because we always just need more money

  • 4 day work week for public school teachers

  • Anti-school choice, to force all children into public schools and deny edu choice

Personal Attacks

As the radical left is lacking any substance, the attacks on Knox are predictably almost entirely personal, calling him, on social media and the group's website, e.g.:

  • Jimbo

  • Hateful bigot

  • Unwilling to learn

  • Train wreck

  • Election denier

  • Bad news

  • Toxic

  • Book burner

Knox also alleges that the group encourages their supporters to call him on the phone, possibly to harass him. Under one of their facebook posts a user is asking for evidence of their allegations against Knox. Instead of responding directly with actual evidence as requested, the group's facebook account instead refers the user to their website's contact form - see picture gallery.

When we talked to Knox in our interview with him, he appeared to be a mainstream conservative with normal views and a tolerant attitude. But then, the far left also thinks that J.K. Rowling, the third wave feminist author of the Harry Potter books, is a bigoted, racist Nazi for saying that women exist and are not just a social construct.

Finally, for those who say, the far left is insane, a word of warning. While this may be true, this was also true of Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Amin, among others. All these mass murderers had mental problems and were probably psychopaths. But, this did not stop them from gaining political power and slaughtering, altogether, around 200 Million people, which, if they had been in power in the US, would be two thirds of today's American population. Stop laughing and shaking your heads about the radical left. Instead head to the voting booth and vote against them. Get informed, get involved, get active, knock on doors, call people and tell them to vote against the radical left that has taken over the Democrat Party and is wrecking this country in record speed. If you can, run for a suitable office to gain and wield power for freedom and against the lunatics on the radical left that want to destroy this country and many of its people.



Laura Lawless
Laura Lawless
Nov 03, 2022

Just a reminder that you had no problem exposing children's images without parental consent and accusing them and their parents of hypersexualization and grooming. But tell me again about the victimization of poor adults who choose to run for office by leftist radicals...


Nov 03, 2022

This is a joke, right?!

It's truly hilarious how sensitive, fragile, and whiny conservative white males have become. Always the victims. Always the "snowflakes". I guess calling everyone else that was yet another conservative projection?

I'm also not sure how unintelligent one must be to think this is a list of people following the Keep Liars Out of Schools PAC. It's a list of pages that Keep Liars Out of Schools is FOLLOWING on Facebook. NOT who's following them. The proof of that is in the image Knox supplied yesterday. It's not hard to figure that out. This was mentioned yesterday in the comments... and then silly you had to go write an entire blog post about it, also interpreting…

Nov 03, 2022
Replying to

I know the radical right will appreciate you doing that so they can understand it better. ❤️


Nov 03, 2022

Is this The Onion?!? 🤣 🤣 🤣


Nov 03, 2022

thanks for the coverage! don’t forget to link us!

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