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  • Amber Chi

Roy Morales 4 Higley School Bd - CRT: No, School Choice: Yes

In his interview with us, Morales explains his opposition to Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, Diversity/Equity and other window dressed radical ideologies.

The Higley Unified School District, HUSD, has 5 board members. 2 seats are currently up for election. Roy Morales and Anna van Hoek are running on a parental rights platform. Care has to be taken here to understand what this means, because the term parents' rights is also used by some leftists, e.g. Mariou Estes in the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80. There are after all some parents, a loud minority, who are all for Critical Race Theory, CRT, drag queen story hour and are all in on equity, meaning discrimination to achieve equal outcomes. Overall however, these extreme far left policy positions are unpopular, even with some Democrats. It hence makes sense to clearly oppose them, so that even voters who do not closely follow educational politics can clearly recognize who they should vote for if they oppose public schools racializing and sexualizing their children.

The Valley Telegraph has previously recommended to conservative candidates to be more explicit in their language and loudly and clearly voice their opposition to Critical Race Theory, CRT, drag queen story hour, child sexualization and other degeneracies pushed by the radical left. Stop being worrying about being called racist by people who would send you and your family into a Gulag or gas chamber if they weren't - for now - prevented by laws and institutions from doing so.

In our interview, Morales is more explicit and clear than most other school board candidates. He explains his opposition to Critical Race Theory - CRT, Social Emotional Learning - SEL, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - DEI and other window dressed far left racist/ethnic political ideologies that have found their ways into schools in recent years and decades.

Use closed captions in the video settings at the bottom of the player if the audio quality is insufficient. We apologize for the technical difficulties.

Teachers Unions and School Boards Associations - The Public School Establishment

Morales: A lot of teachers are in a teachers union, but they are not always in line with union politics. We need to remove the union from the conversation, and talk to the teachers directly. Unions were good during the dawn of the industrial era, but are not so good now. Certain teachers and unions are a loud minority, that are pushing the wokeness. We need to bring conservative teachers into the light and tell them it's OK to be conservatives. Need to discipline and possibly fire rogue woke teachers that don't have best interest of kids at heart and totally disregard the parents' divine right over their children by teaching them something that is opposite the values of the parents.

Anna van Hoek and I are running to represent students and parents, not the teachers union, not the Arizona School Board Association. I am for removing funding from organizations that work against parents, like the National School Boards Association, NSBA, which called parents domestic terrorists. NSBA trains school boards what they think they should do.

Question: Teachers and unions together are against parent's right. How to bring teachers into the communication. There are unionized teachers who don't agree with the union.

Morales: We need to bring power back to teachers, make their own curriculum, not approved by DoE. Teachers need to have their own voice.

School Choice and Vouchers

I'm fully behind school choice. We need to look at what works in charter schools and private schools, and improve public schools using some of these ideas. Competition is good for business, it forces businesses to create better products. Public schools want to keep the money, or get back money they lost. Compete with charters and private and make the product better.

Academic Excellence

Question: Every child gets a trophy, which is opposed to excellence. Is this good?

Morales: This is the equal outcome mentality. Our constitution guarantees equal opportunities. But outcomes are different, and should be. This depends on work. etc. I was born with hearing loss, but I overcame it, instead of complaining about adversity and demanding equity, meaning equal outcomes. Giving equal outcomes removes incentives, makes society become lazy. Young boys won't get married, we don't invent things, people don't have kids. There won't be a desire to be self sufficient.

Strive for excellence, push kids to academic excellence, it teaches kids discipline. Teachers them their weaknesses and how to overcome them with their strengths. Without this academic excellence, you push them now, things will get easier later in life.


Salary isn't the only thing that motivates teachers, but also culture. We need to reduce their workload and make sure they get compensated better. Teachers right now work in a toxic environment created by teachers unions and administrations.

Parental Involvement

Parents need to be involved with their child's education, including being involved with homework. Get rid of SEL and CRT, get rid of all the noise. Teachers hold kids accountable. Administration backs up teachers.

The tone has to be set from the top. Any feedback from parents is welcome. No parent should be cancelled because of an opinion or a critical view point. We should actively seek feedback from parents.

Social Emotional Learning, SEL and Critical Race Theory, CRT

SEL was developed a long time ago to help kids with emotional issues. It has been hijacked and now teachers kids how to react to life on an emotional level, rather than an intellectual/logical level. Emotional and cultural education should come from parents and religious organizations, not schools, or by extension the state.

SEL is the umbrella that encompasses continuing sexual education and CRT. Trying to brainwash kids into accepting things that are not normal as something that is normal. Even heterosexual stuff has no place in schools. Teach hard science.

Diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI, is another problem. Has no place in the classroom.

When people react to life on an emotional level, you'll have a storm coming, huge problems. SEL should come from parents and religious institution. Teaching kids what's right and wrong. Judeo-Christian beliefs. Comes from parents, not schools.

SEL comes in through the backdoor to replace parents with the state. Nefarious intent.

They may deny teaching CRT and SEL on a systematic level, some teachers push it in informal ways, pushing things on children.

Schools should focus on teaching science and tech.

SEL teaches kids to be about me, me, me, my problems. We should teach kids to serve their community. Gives them purpose and strength. SEL is about taking what I want, instead of giving benefits to community. When I was in the civil air patrol I saw a big change in cadets from the first day in boot camp to when they became officers. They are self disciplined, had inner strength, wouldn't do something with the people they lead that they wouldn't do themselves.

SEL pushes boys to be girls and girls to be boys and teaches them to run away from their problems.

I am only seeking one term on the school board. I hope if I can get on the board, I can persuade someone, especially a dad, to run for school board, to be on the school board as a parent.



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