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  • Ben Cooper

Teachers Unions Push to Kill School Choice, "For the Kids"

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, cancers on American society are public school teachers unions. In Arizona they are currently trying to kill school choice, claiming this is good for kids.

Public school teachers unions in essence are unionized government employees holding children hostage to fatten their wallets. The unions petitioned the CDC to close every single public school in America, while teachers got full pay, and even raises. Unions forced kids into masks, and needles into kids' arms. They push CRT, DEI, SEL, child sexualization and more evil bile on innocent children, poisoning their minds with ultra far left neo-racial-Bolshevism.

Why can they hold on? Because taxpayers foot the bill, not customers. Many parents want to take their kids out of horrible public schools. But if they do so, they still have to pay taxes to finance those public schools, while also having to pay for alternative options. For many parents this is prohibitively expensive. They have to keep their children in public schools and resort to complaining at school board meetings, or trying to run candidates against well funded teachers union candidates that do the union's bidding on school boards. Lindsay Love and Lara Bruner appear to be such school board members in the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80. A number of union backed candidates, including Bruner, are currently in the running to fill two available school board seats of the CUSD80.

A partial solution to this problem has recently been implemented in Arizona. The Empowerment Scholarship Account, ESA, expansion via HB2583 would give every K-12 student in Arizona around $7,000 per year for educational expenses, from home, over micro to private school, and even for tutoring. While in most cases this won't cover all educational expenses, it would help many families by giving them options other than public schools.

Because this threatens their monopolistic stranglehold over innocent children, Arizona teachers union backed Save our School Arizona, SOS PAC, is currently collecting signatures for a veto referendum that would put the school voucher bill on hold and likely put it on the ballot, possibly this year, or possibly only in 2024. Below is a picture from a social media post that shows that the unions claim that killing school choice is good for the kids. Let's get this done for kids, they say.

Parental rights groups, backed by school choice advocates are working to convince people not to sign. However, this is a purely defensive move. We nevertheless hope that they succeed. If not, the voucher expansion would be on hold until the veto referendum would go onto the ballot. There the unions would again claim that killing school choice is good for children. Parents and school choice advocates should prepare for this and plan for an aggressive campaign to protect their children from the unions and given them choice instead.



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