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  • Ben Cooper

The Chandler Chamber is Woke Central

Republicans are waking up and are engaged in a slow divorce with the Chamber of Commerce that does not represent them anymore. The Chamber has gone woke.

Disclosure: The Valley Telegraph asked the Chandler Chamber for comment but received no reply.

From promoting mass illegal immigration, to radical and divisive racial, gender and sexual orientation and transgender identity politics (Idpol), today's Chamber of Commerce, like so many other institutions, has been taken over by the political left, including radical leftists and woksters. This is why the Republican Party and the Chamber of Commerce are divorcing over irreconcilable differences.

A look at the publications of the Chandler Chamber, the Chandler Chamber Connect magazine for example, appears to show divisive identity politics in every other issue.

Falsely implying that Chandler is not currently an inclusive community, the Chamber actively supports and lobbies for a so called non-discrimination ordinance that in reality just would make it much easier for small businesses to get sued. This is not in the interest of the business community.

One example of a small business, Colorado Christian baker Jake Phillips, running the Masterpiece Cakeshop, was sued by activists and their government accomplices under such non-discrimination regulations. He had offered to sell an off-the-shelf cake to a gay couple for their wedding, but refused to bake a custom cake as he personally believes that gay marriage is a sin.

Phillips won his case at the Supreme Court in 2018 (a 7-2 decision), but was subsequently sued again by radical Colorado activists, including those in government positions, in order to destroy him. He had refused to bake a gender transition cake that was blue on the outside and pink on the inside. A judge in Colorado ruled that he had broken state anti-discrimination law and fined him $500.

The Chandler Chamber has endorsed Angel Encinas for the Chandler City Council, while withholding endorsements from pro-business candidates Farhana Shifa and Darla Gonzales. Encinas appears to us as a clear case of a wolf in sheep's clothing. He seems to be a politician who portrays himself as a moderate, albeit on the left, to fool voters. In reality he appears to be a radical leftist. Endorsements by Chandler City Council member OD Harris, a perceived BLM operative, as well as far left activists from outside of Chandler, support our view in this matter.



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