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  • Ben Cooper

Chandler Library Kids Section Full of CRT/BLM Propaganda

The children's section of the Chandler Public Library prominently displays Black Lives Matter inspired children's books, many of which propagate racialized agitprop.

The Valley Telegraph recently investigated the tax-payer funded Chandler Public Library. The children's section prominently displays a large number of books that seem to have been written with the goal to indoctrinate children in critical race theory. Critical race theory is a Marxist framework that replaces the (imagined) class struggle of workers against business owners with the race struggle of oppressed blacks against oppressive whites.

One book suggested that it's very important to a black child that Santa Claus is also black and so "looks just like me", rather than being of another race.

Alluding to kneeling as a sign of systematic disrespect for the American flag and national anthem, another book encourages children to "take a knee to make a stand".

Yet another depicts a white person holding a whip while black slaves work in a field. While such scenes are certainly part of history, depictions like this leave out crucial details and context. First, Europeans did not capture, but rather bought slaves, from black Africans in Africa. They in turn had acquired slaves through war and conquest, as was customary throughout human history. The African slave trade hence originated in Africa, not America. Second, Americans fought a bloody civil war, killing off around 2% of the population (mostly whites) in order to end slavery in America. Third, slavery has not ended in many other parts of the world. It is alive an well today in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. It is practiced in parts of Africa by black Africans and Arabs, just as it was 400 years ago. Fourth, slavery was common also in other parts of the world, notably the early civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, Greece, Medieval Europe, Russia, the Native American tribes, the Maya, Inca and Aztecs, among many others.

Notably is was practiced also by the Barbary states in and around today's Libya, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The Barbary states and Barbary pirates attacked European and American vessels and enslaved crews and passengers. Scholars estimate that around 1 Million white/Christian slaves were taken. The United States and and some of the European powers allied against the Barbary pirates and eventually defeated them in 1830, only ~30 years before the US Civil War led to the emancipation in North America. The subsequent European colonization - mostly French - of the Barbary region ended the slave trade there. After the fall of the Gadhafi regime in Libya that was, at least in part, caused by actions of the Obama administration, slave markets have popped up again in the region.

The experience of slavery is hence not limited or exclusive to the ancestors of today's black Americans, but to almost all people alive today.

Agitprop stands for agitation and propaganda. It's a Soviet/Marxist term describing the vigorous propagation of communist ideas via the media, literature, art and other means of communication. The goal of this is to indoctrinate intense emotions into the people, for example hatred for the enemy, e.g. the United States, capitalists, the Kulaks and so on, in order to spurn the people into action. One critical factor of agitprop is the dehumanization of the enemy in order to justify violence against them. The image shows North Korean agitprop, depicting North Korean children killing a long-nosed American soldier.

The next image shows Nazi propaganda, depicting the curtain being drawn, revealing the Jews, who are, according to the poster, war mongers and people who want to prolong war among European people, who are thereby being oppressed by the Jews. The Nazis prepared their annihilation of around 6 Million European Jews during the Holocaust by systematic and ever escalating propaganda. In a step by step fashion, the Jews were dehumanized. Aryans were declared as the Master race which was oppressed and held down by the sub-human, evil Jews. The racial-socialist ideology of BLM actually appears closer to the ethno/nationalist socialism of the Nazis than the class based socialism of the Marxists/Bolsheviks.

BLM and other members of the far, radical and militant left use their positions in institutions such as schools, colleges and libraries to drum their ideology into the brains of impressionable children, youth and young adults. The racial-socialist ideology of BLM and the radical left revolves around depicting white America as evil and black America as oppressed. (White) police officers are always villains, (black) criminals always victims. High achievers, if for example white or Asian, are not diligent and smart, but oppressors, or, beneficiaries of systemic oppression. Those achieving little, if black, only do so due to being oppressed, not due to lack of effort or talent. The only way to rectify the situation, according to BLM, is to violently dismantle the system of oppression in order to achieve social justice and equity, meaning equal outcomes, in a sort of racialized and tribal socialist utopia. Notably there is a push to achieve this equity through diversity in positions of high pay or power, e.g. law, medicine, government and politics, not however in areas seen by some as less prestigious, say trash collection or skilled trades. There also isn't a push to get more whites or Asians into the highly paid and majority black NBA. A recent advertisement by VISA implies that blacks are being hindered at becoming speed skaters.

BLM/CRT/Equity is generally anti-capitalist, anti-freedom and anti-American. According to sources, the school board of the Chandler Unified School district appears to have one BLM operative as member, Lindsay Love. Lara Bruner appears to be a sympathizer. Sources have told us that new Chandler City Council member OD Harris is also a BLM operative. He has been key in pushing for a non-discrimination measure that would allow Chandler businesses to be easily sued, shaken down and investigated if claims of discrimination were made. Chandler mayor Kevin Hartke has enthusiastically endorsed the measure. The city shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to hire equity consultancies and conduct studies in order to prepare the city ordinance.

The far, radical and militant left is attempting to draw other non-Caucasian groups into this coalition of the BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color). However, this strategy also runs into problems. One is that in order to achieve equity, it is necessary to hold back high performers, for example in college admissions. However, high performers aren't all white - not that it is right to discriminate against whites. Asians for example tend to do well academically. A law suit against Harvard University, currently deliberated by the Supreme Court of the United States, claims that Asians are systemically discriminated against in order to achieve a higher proportion of black students. In New York and Boston, local governments are shutting down gifted schools because the student body is deemed to consist of too few "people of color" and too many Asians and whites.

Also, many people are opposed to using race, gender and other immutable characteristics as factors in hiring decisions. 76% of respondents of a recent poll stated that Joe Biden should consider people of all backgrounds for the Supreme Court seat to be vacated by Justice Stephen Breyer, not just black females, as Biden has promised.

The mayor and city council can be reached via: .



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