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  • Mindy Walton

Chandler Teachers Union Severely Lacks Diversity - Satire

The Chandler Education Association, CEA, touts diversity and equity on its website, including support for anti-racism/BLM. Yet, it's leadership almost exclusively consists of white women.

Diversity (racial preferences) and equity (equal outcomes) are some of the most important political concepts of the modern hard left. It is distressing to see that the local teachers union, CEA, has a leadership team almost exclusively comprised of white females, including white Hispanics. Only one lone black woman is on the executive team.

This is unacceptable, it could be seen as racist. We dare say this may be white supremacist and should immediately be investigated by the Biden-Harris DoJ, headed by Merrick Garland, a prime example of an unbiased, fair and balanced bureaucrat working for the best interest of the people. Garland is on record for describing white supremacy as the biggest domestic terror threat in the United States. He is so right, because we already forgot the BLM and fascist, ahem anti-fascist, riots that killed dozens and caused $2 Billion in damages. Garland should put in charge Kristen Clark, the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the civil rights division. While being "systemically oppressed" attending Harvard University, she once wrote: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities—something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.

Shouldn't CEA President Katie Nash, a biology teacher at Chandler High, bend the knee, then step down, and then promote the only (we assume) black person on the leadership team, Monika Beauvais Landi, Vice President of Membership, to the presidency? Shouldn't Ms Landi, a music teacher at Fulton Elementary, then purge the leadership team of all white members and in their stead install properly diverse leadership, aka, a team of strong and independent black female Democrats. Anything less may just prove that the CEA isn't actually a strong ally of historically, currently, and perpetually oppressed colored people, ahem, people of color, POC. This would be in the spirit of a recent agreement between Minnesota Teachers Unions and the local school district there to lay off white teachers first if people need to get fired; clarifying for all of us what anti-racism really means.

Union members, most of which Democrat Party voting public school teachers and school staff, should threaten a walk out over the CEAs lack of diversity; a strike, with picket lines, while wearing red shirts.

The kids will be OK with a few days, weeks or months without school. The teachers union pushed Government-Covid school closures have shown us that kids can learn from home and that there are NO negative side effects at all. So follow the Fauci, ahem science, and stop spreading misinformation! Just make sure the taxpayer keeps paying the bill while the teachers are on strike, to make sure they keep getting paid.

Even better, maybe raise their pay as a reward for their political activism as well. A Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, teacher on average only makes $65,000 per year, only around $20,000 more than the average Chandler resident. They need more, to help them cope with the inflation caused by the politicians that they mostly voted for.

It's 2022. White people shouldn't be in leadership positions anymore. Hasn't the CEA gotten the message yet? Ketanji Brown Jackson? Kamala Harris? Anyone? Hello?

This article is obviously satire. We hope you enjoyed it.



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