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  • Mindy Walton

City Staff Want to Blow Taxpayer Dollars on Non-sense

Using safety as a justification for waste, city planners want to erect barriers between bike and car lanes.

The proposed barriers were presented by Chandler city planners at a recent board meeting of the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80. As always with bad ideas, the safety of children is cited when pushing them. The barriers would create distance between the bike lane and car lanes. The barriers are a bad idea because there are too many disadvantages:

  • Hardly anyone uses bike lanes in Chandler because temperatures can top 110F

  • Hardly anyone uses bike lanes because Chandler is spread out

  • Cyclists are more likely to injure themselves by hitting the barrier/curb than getting hit by a car

  • Less road space is available for cars, provoking accidents

  • Cars are prevented from pulling over in an emergency

  • Parking space on the side of the road becomes unavailable for events

  • No such barriers can be erected at intersections, where the likelihood of accidents is actually by far the largest

  • Government needs to stop spending money to help cool red-hot inflation caused by government spending and printing money



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