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  • Mindy Walton

CUSD80 Meeting: Your Kids Belong to the State

Public education is "not for your benefit", children belong to the government, implies a speaker at the Feb 9 CUSD80 board meeting. Video at the end of the article.

In the Chandler Unified School District board meeting, the radical and militant wokster left in the educational establishment demonstrated how they successfully influence policy making: emotional blackmail. This tactic works especially well against weak Republicans. We should make no mistake. Most of these people have 0 interest in the education and welfare of our children. What they are after instead are fat paychecks for themselves, and the ability to continue their political indoctrination of our children in order to create a reliable voting block to further their political interests. At issue was district policy that requires an opt-in form signed by parents for classes teaching sexualized contents outside of sex-ed. A host of speakers falsely claimed that this would discriminate against gays.

A seemingly pro-authoritarian extremist appeared to deny that public schools are for individual benefit. She instead claimed that public education, which is financed by taxes, exists to create citizens that the country needs. With that she probably means that government schools should indoctrinate children in woke fascism in order to turn them into reliable voters for the radical left. According to her, parents can sit in curriculum meetings with teachers, but should have no say in their children's education. She also said that if parents want to raise sheltered and ignorant children, then they can send their kids to charter or private schools. In truth, even many woksters send their kids to private schools if they can, because they know full and well how awful public education in the United States has become. One example is California Governor Gavin Newsom, who imposed a vaccination mandate on public schools, while his own kids go to private schools where his mandate doesn't apply. We are still investigating whether this speaker is a CUSD80 teacher, as many of the speakers during the citizens' comments of the Feb 9 board meeting were actually CUSD80 teachers, mostly from language and arts fields.

Another speaker, identifying herself as Chandler Unified teacher, vowed not to follow district policy and not require permission slips (opt-in) from parents before teaching sexualized contents to children. Shaking her head violently, she vowed not to commit a "violent crime" against children by handing out permission slips. There's a good chance that she, like many radical woksters, is however in favor of letting go criminals who have committed actual violent crimes. It's also a fair bet that she would brand as homophobic those parents and students who opt-out of classes in which certain sexualized contents is being taught. Will the district discipline this teacher who openly vows to violate district policies, and the law? As a point of information, Federico Garcia Lorca, which this teacher mentioned as someone she teaches in class, was a socialist.

The next board meeting is on 23 Feb 2022, 7pm, at the CUSD80 administrative complex on W Frye Road. Comments to the board have to be made by 12 noon on 22 Feb 2022.



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