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  • Ben Cooper

CUSD80 Student Proud of Drag Queen Story Hour

Children are born innocent and cannot consent. If they push radical views, one may perhaps look at schools and/or parents and/or our cultural decay for culprits.

Despite the innocence of the children, it is nevertheless important to show the effects that our cultural decay, our failing schools and the warped minds of leftists have on our most vulnerable members of society.

At the 22 June 2022 Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, board meeting, Kurt Rohrs, a CUSD80 board candidate, criticized social emotional learning, SEL, for a lack of teaching about fatherhood. Rohrs also criticized drag queen story hour. He was the first to address the board.

The third person addressing the board was a CUSD80 student and LGBTQ activist who seemed to refer to Rohrs' statement by proudly proclaiming that her activist organization does indeed collaborate with drag queen story hour and that they believe this helps promote diversity to the children/young students in attendance (see video below). The speaker also claimed that students in the school hallways use derogatory language toward LGTBQ students. She called on the board to take action. One such action was taken recently by the board of the Fairfax County public schools in Virginia, which will punish students who do not use the preferred pronouns of other students.

This is of course a terrible policy. We should be clear. This is not about equality. This is about supremacy, about forcing the radical trans cringe fringe agenda down the throats of the vast majority of the people who do not subscribe to this radical ideology. Please see the video below.

Drag queen story hour has become a contentious issue among parents. It is also, according to our informal survey, strongly opposed by mainstream gays and lesbians, who are however mostly quiet about the issue for fear of being labeled fascist by the radical and militant left that is bent on upending our civilized way of life.

In drag queen story hour a man, portraying a woman in a very exaggerated fashion, reads books to children, sometimes on trans topics. Often there is a photo op where the children are in proximity or contact with the man. Sometimes dance performances are part of this and on occasion children are invited to participate.

Children of course should not be sexualized/groomed like this. Children do not need to know about sex at all and should certainly be kept away from events such as drag queen story hour. Many see it as a degenerate farce and it sometimes appears to cross the line to pedophilia.

Parents have been protesting it, while parts of the educational establishment appear to defend and push drag queen story hour. However, there are also parents who are proponents and actually bring their own children to drag queen story hour.

Below is third party reporting on the issue of drag queen story hour.



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