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  • Mindy Walton

Chandler's Kurt Rohrs Decries Drag Queen Story Hour

Social emotional learning, SEL, is used by the edu establishment to indoctrinate children in radical leftism without having to call it radical leftism. Can this be fixed? How? Video at end.

The image above shows North Korean children being indoctrinated in school to worship their communist oppressors and hate Americans.

Kurt Rohrs is a candidate for the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, governing board. Charlotte Golla and Rohrs are running to fill the two seats currently occupied by Lindsay Love and Lara Bruner. The election is in November 2022. Love appears to have a history of extreme divisiveness. Bruner appears to be somewhat more sane, but still seems to be a radical leftist. Love voted against the resolution for CUSD80 to stop contributing to the National School Boards Association, NSBA, after the NSBA had written a letter to the Biden administration demanding the persecution of concerned parents as terrorists. Bruner had abstained. Board members Mozdzen, Olive and Wirth had voted for the resolution, which hence passed.

Running against Rohrs and Golla are a number of left and far left individuals, for example Crystal Markowsky, who seems to be mirroring Lindsay Love.

Drag Queen story hour instead of fathers day

In his address to the CUSD80 board on 22 June 2022 (see the video at the end of the article), Rohrs was correct in his assessment that fathers are important and that fatherlessness is a huge disadvantage for children. Single motherhood often is akin to child abuse. Our society is wrong to constantly ridicule men, especially fathers, as bumbling fools who have nothing positive to add to their children's lives. Rohrs is correct that drag queen story hour is a farce, bordering and sometimes crossing the line to pedophilia. Yet, drag queen story hour gets more publicity than fathers day.

Rohrs however also appears to be more of an establishment Republican in the mold of the Bushes, barely able to conserve anything, rather than a fighter, like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, first term Reagan or Calvin Coolidge, who do/did not only stop the rot but actually push(ed) back toward normalcy. Rohrs often calls for the preservation of institutions that have become completely subverted by radicals. He essentially argues that you can talk to the radicals and ask them to be less radical. In his address to the governing board Rohrs criticized the lack of transparency of the SEL curriculum. According to Rohrs, the information that is available paints a picture that the role of fathers in the family is completely neglected in SEL. As he pointed out, the vast majority of the prison population has grown up without fathers in the home. Children from single mother households are more likely to end up poor and if female, single mothers themselves, in a viscous cycle. Fathers, Rohrs pointed out, play a vital role in the healthy development of children into productive adults.

You cannot reason with committed ideologues

Rohrs called on the CUSD80 board to include lessons on fatherhood in social emotional learning, thereby preserving SEL and keeping employed the people involved in it. He should however be aware that the type of people that run SEL usually cannot be reasoned with like this because they often are committed Marxist ideologues that use their positions in schools to turn children into far left voters/supporters. The Cultural Revolution that resulted in 100 Million or so deaths in Mao's China was largely executed by teenagers and young adults indoctrinated in schools and Universities. The most fanatic (if not effective) fighters for Nazi Germany in WW2 were the Hitler Youth, who again were indoctrinated in schools. The total number of deaths in WW2 was about 60 Million, including more than 6 Million people, mostly Jews, exterminated in dedicated death camps. Time and time again schools, run by radicals, have been ground zero for the destruction of civilized society. To fix our schools, we need to do more than tell the radicals to be less radical. We need to get the radicals out of schools, fired, prosecuted if possible, and into irrelevance. Otherwise the history of the use of children for barbarian revolutions may repeat itself in America.

A brief history lesson of he use of children for radical revolutions

The pictures shown below show children taking part in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Nazi Hitler Youth, and a propaganda poster with so called young pioneers from the Soviet Union.

Video of Rohrs' address to the CUSD80 board



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