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  • Mindy Walton

Insane Rant of CUSD80 Radical after Student Suicides

Radical leftist CUSD80 board member Lindsay Love blames concerned parents for student suicides and overshadows a grieving parent with a narcissistic rant. Video at article end.

At the June 8, 2022 Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, board meeting, radical leftist board member Lindsay Love used her time on the microphone to rant about her own perceived oppression and victimhood. She blamed concerned parents who want to prevent woke school staffers from telling their sons that they are girls and their daughters that they are boys, for 3 recent suicides within the school district. Love also used her time to call for more money for social workers, counsellors and other non-teaching staff. Under the guise of suicide prevention, this call is aimed at increasing the number of radical leftists in school districts and diluting the central mission of schools, to teach.

Love seemingly blamed racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and "all the isms" for the suicides. Yet, according to our research, 2 of the 3 students appear to have been white boys, while 1 appears to have been a white girl. While anti-white racism certainly exists, and even appears to be US government policy, this is not what Love was referring to. Love sees herself, a college educated black female with power over a $600 Million school district budget, as oppressed, and appears to blame this oppression for the student suicides.

Often, schools, urged on by people like Lindsay Love, are the cause for society's problems. People like her then call for more money to fix those problems. Lindsay Love, who still sits masked at school board meetings today, is one of the main proponents on the CUSD80 board for keeping schools closed and kids masked and perpetually afraid. Many experts consider school closures and anxiety about disease to be drivers of suicides.

Love nearly constantly complains about the oppression of minorities. Yet, Joe Biden has stated openly that he considers the attributes black and female (Lindsay Love is both) as most important "qualifications" for applicants for high level government positions. Love appears to often accuse white Americans of being racist and implies that white people are the source of all problems. Yet, racism in America today is official government policy, and it appears aimed at promoting black supremacy.

Lindsay Love is the only school board member who still wears a mask (black of course) in school board meetings. Her twitter feed is full of narcissistic posts fit for a teenage girl on tiktok on the one hand, and highly partisan and even anti-white racist posts on the other. Love's term is coming to an end. A successor, Crystal Markowsky, already appears to be waiting in the wings. If you ask yourself the question what went wrong with public schools, then look to people like Lindsay Love and those enabling her.



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