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  • Ben Cooper

CUSD80 Students Bullied into Identifying as Gay, Trans

Chandler parents told us that their children are constantly being asked how they identify, in an apparent attempt to pressure straight students to identify as gay, bi, trans or queer.

Sources with children in the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, report that their children are being pressured by peers and teachers to discuss how they identify. One child got so frustrated with this pressure that he told his mother that he identifies as a toaster. Another reports being pushed into identifying as gay.

The grouping of people according to characteristics such as race, gender and sexual orientation is part of the wokester-Bolshevik political ideology, specifically identity politics. It is being aggressively pushed on school children all around the country, including in Chandler.

Other examples of radical extremism pushed onto children

In a recent Wall Street Journal article a student details how she was pressured by teachers in her own school to send money to so called anti-racist groups. Some see anti-racism as code for black supremacy, meaning racism against non-blacks. She resisted, but got chided mercilessly by some of the teachers in her school.

In another recent example, toddlers were taken to a drag show. This was part of a youth pride event in Tennessee. One little girl was directed to touch the crotch of a grown man, dressed up in drag, see picture above (and also below). It is remarkable, and disgusting, that this was not immediately referred to law enforcement as clear case of child abuse, possibly even child sexual abuse.

Drag queen story hour for Chandler students?

Drag queens can be very funny. But they portray sexualized imagery that is wholly inappropriate for children. Many drag performers agree with this and argue that drag performance should always be 18+. Family friendly drag is an oxymoron. Yet, a CUSD80 student recently proudly proclaimed that her gay/trans rights student organization is working with drag queen story hour to bring it to more Chandler public school children. There are also people who think it's important to take children to drag shows to teach them tolerance. Crazy? Probably. But it's happening nevertheless.

What is identity politics/diversity and how does it work against merit, liberty and fairness?

The woke left's main enemy is the very foundation of free Western civilization, meritocracy. A meritocracy allows people to rise and fall based on their level of competency and diligence. Underlying meritocracy is liberty. In a free society people make their own decisions, and are held responsible for the outcome of those decisions, good or bad.

The woke left hates meritocracy because the woke left has no merit. They produce nothing. All they want to and can do is to violently lord over other people and take the fruits of their labor for themselves.

The left employs a number of weapons against meritocracy. One is straight up violence. Think of the murders and the massive damage caused during the recent BLM/Antifa riots. Another is identity politics, Idpol. Instead of allowing people to rise and fall based on merit, Idpol classifies and advances/denies people based on identity.

The woke left's diversity identity politics is similar in many aspects to Nazi ideology classifying some people as subhuman and others as superior. We mention this here deliberately because the Nazis didn't stop with rhetoric, they perpetrated a full blown genocide. It appears to be starting to dawn on some Americans that the radical racist left has similar plans.

The left's Idpol appears largely based on black supremacy and radical feminism. Critical race theory is one of the underlying foundation here. Identity factors are the following:

  • Race: black is best, white/asian is worst

  • Gender: Female is best, male is worst

  • Orientation: gay is best, straight is worst

  • Gender Identity: trans is best, normal is worst

This identity hierarchy is precisely the reason that the Biden-Harris regime is promoting black females to high government posts, and openly, and proudly, admits this. Think of Ketanji Brown-Jackson, an utterly unqualified radical, for SCOTUS. Or Karine Jean-Piere, who seems incapable of answering any questions and spends half the time talking about herself, for press secretary. Jean-Piere isn't just black and female, but also a lesbian.

Perhaps the worst aspect about identity politics is its insidiousness. It is now firmly embedded in all aspects of American life, including part of the political right. There are some on the right who salivate at the possibility of a Nikki Haley / Tim Scott Presidential ticket. This is not because they are particularly capable, or electable - both are standard neocons - but because diversity.

In truth, anyone mentioning diversity as a reason for doing something or electing someone is waving a giant red flag that people would be unwise to ignore.

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