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  • Mindy Walton

Fascist Collaborator Liz Cheney Loses By Nearly 40 Points

Liz Cheney, the sole Republican Representative from Wyoming, was heavily punished at the polls as she lost her primary to Trump backed challenger Harriet Hageman by nearly 40%.

Liz Cheney is notorious for her collaboration with the fascist J6 committee kangaroo court run by Nancy Pelosi's goons. Why is it a kangaroo court? Because the accused are not allowed representation and because the sole purpose of the committee is to make up evidence for a conclusion that has already been reached. Joseph Stalin would be proud of the committee and its members, including anti-Trump Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger is retiring, having correctly gauged the political winds. Cheney has not, and was primaried out instead, and good riddance.

Cheney got around 29% of the votes in the Republican primary, while Hageman got 66%. Cheney had heavily courted Democratic voters, asking them to change party affiliation and vote for her. It is not currently known how many Democrats did so but the electoral map indicates that Cheney was stronger in counties in which Trump was weak, indicating that the number of Democrats voting for Cheney may not be negligible.

A few Republicans support fascism because of misguided decorum standards

The defeat is very heavy, almost unprecedented, given that Cheney is the incumbent. The overwhelming majority of Republican voters rejected Cheney. It also shows however that in the GOP there are a few voters who are apparently happy with the Democrats weaponizing the federal agencies to go after their political opponents, i.e. Republicans.

Although many of these people are conservative in some aspects, they often put demeanor and decorum over substance, sometimes at all cost, even that of the Republic and their own and their children's freedom. Recent heavy electoral losses by Chandler Republicans may indicate that Cheney-McCain-Bush-Romney Democrat-lite neocon types that did so much damage to the Republican Party, the country and the world still have a lot of say among local Republicans.



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