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  • Ben Cooper

USA Descends into Fascism as Trump Raided by Biden DoJ

Fascist and communist countries are characterized by the persecution of political opposition. In America, with Biden-Harris and their cabal in charge, fascism is here.

Uncomfortable with the picture because Biden-Harris haven't perpetrated a genocide, yet? The Nazis didn't start with genocide either, that came later, once they had consolidated power by persecuting and oppressing all political opposition. Biden-Harris are still somewhat constrained since the USA is not like the weak and unstable Weimar Republic. This, and not fundamental ideological differences to fascists, is why we haven't seen the situation in America completely deteriorate yet. But we are getting closer as federal agencies are weaponized against the political opposition. Some in the cabal behind Biden-Harris are fascists, some are communists, some are full on ethno-socialists.

The Biden-Harris FBI raided, with full knowledge of the White House and the DOJ, the Trump residence at Mar-a-Lago. A current President persecuting a former President sometimes occurs in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan or Zimbabwe. With the ascent of the cabal around Biden and Harris this has now come to America.

And to make things "better", the Democrats just passed a spending bill that doubles the size of the IRS by adding over 80,000 agents to investigate political opponents of the Biden-Harris regime.

The solution? The same as it was yesterday. Stop sitting around, stop playing nice, stop pretending that the opposition can be reasoned with. Run for an office, even if it's a small local one. Once in power, wield this power to advance freedom and crush tyranny. Organize and work together with other freedom-minded people, vote, get allies to vote, knock on doors, hand out fliers, collect signatures, collect contacts and build contact databases, attend a peaceful protest, practice civil disobedience. Proudly exercise your rights.

The event also highlights one of Donald Trump's greatest weaknesses: personnel policy, meaning not hiring the right people for the job at hand. The current FBI Director Chris Wray is a Trump appointee. Wray deliberately use the word "deplorable" today to describe the people expressing doubts about the integrity of federal agencies like the FBI under Biden-Harris.

We should be thankful that Republicans stood firm in holding off on SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, preventing this petty fascist to sit on the Supreme Court. Unfortunately he's now AG, but at least this isn't a life time position. Garland had personally signed off on the raid on Trump's residence.



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