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  • Dan Bilder

New Garbage Trucks Send Violation Notices to Your House

New garbage trucks tested in Chandler are loaded with cameras and AI, able to recognize trash and even send warnings when the wrong stuff is in the trash.

The City of Chandler is currently the testing ground for one of the newest type of garbage truck. It's not just loaded with the latest mechanical wonders of garbage collection, compression, storage and disposal, but also camera driven artificial intelligence, AI.

The truck chassis is made by Autocar while the garbage disposal body, with the grappling arm, the hopper and compressor is made by Heil. Cameras all around the truck ensure safety. They also look at and inside the garbage cans being lifted and dumped out. In the image above you can see one such camera about 2 feet below and slightly to the left of the white number 107161 on the truck.

According to a Waste Management representative on site at the Chandler Family Easter Celebration on 16 April 2022, an AI driven computer system is able to recognize individual garbage pieces. Since the truck is connected to the internet, it is able to send out a violation notice automatically.

For now, you can breathe somewhat easy because the trucks don't yet come with their own on board terminator robot that knocks on your door to collect the violation fee right then and there.

The price tag for one of the new garbage trucks? Around $350,000. The garbage disposal system with AI makes up a larger part of that than the truck chassis.


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