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  • Dan Bilder

Chandler Ostrich Festival Sneak Peek

After years of lockdowns, the Chandler Ostrich Festival is back, at a much higher price. Our sneak peek video is at the end of the article.

The last Chandler Ostrich Festival was in March 2019. In 2022, after years of government lockdowns, the festival is finally on again. Tickets for adults start at $20. In 2019 the entry was $15. Parking is $10. In 2019 it was $5.

Taking a sneak peek, we counted 3 Ferris wheels, 2 rotating alien space ship rides, 2 chain carousels and a plethora of other exciting contraptions that flip riders high into the air, turn them over several times before doing it again. We also witnessed acrobats practicing their craft at swindling heights, getting ready for prime time.

As is common at county fairs, there will be plenty of food trucks offering greasy delights at inflated prices, supported by a ban of take-in food. The organizers only allow audience members to bring in one factory-sealed bottle of water as well as baby and medical needs items.

The musical highlights on the big stage are on 18 March 2022 when the Beach Boys will perform and on Sunday March 20, when The Temptations and The Four Tops will be playing.



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