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  • Ben Cooper

Gilbert Schools Infuse Math Lessons with Child Sexualization

The case may have been isolated, however, since there is no curriculum transparency and there are no cameras in classroom, this is nearly impossible to verify.

8th grade Mesquite High School teacher Jennifer Qualls recently handed a set of math problems which contained sexual material to a substitute teacher. The substitute then handed the problems to her students. The issue became known because one student was so upset that she told her mother who in turn contacted school authorities.

The problem read:

Angelou was abused by her mother's ______ at age 8.

a. (0, 2) Boyfriend

b. (4, 6) Brother

c. (-3, -1) Father

Trying to support her son as a single mother, she worked as a pimp, prostitute and ________.

a. (-3, -2) Bookie

b. (4, 6) Drug Dealer

c. (-3, -1) Night Club Dancer

Dawn Antestenis, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Gilbert Public Schools, confirmed the incident to Breitbart News and said details of staff disciplinary action are not shared with parents.

This example also shows how subjects that parents would object to strongly if taught explicitly in a stand alone course, can nevertheless be infused into children via other courses. Critical race theory, CRT, can be indoctrinated into the impressionable minds of children this way too.

Child sexualization is a political priority of the radical left which by and large is in charge in today's public schools. This child sexualization sometimes includes the celebration and encouragement of single motherhood, third wave feminism type blame of men for all problems and depiction of men as bad and useless.

Instead of suggesting children to get gender re-assignment surgery and start being sexually active at age 12, a healthy education system would teach children these things about sex and relationships:

  • Don't have sex before you're 18.

  • Don't have sex, especially unprotected sex with people who have not committed to marrying you.

  • STDs are real

  • The best situation for children to grow up in is an intact family with two caring parents, avoid single motherhood at all costs



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